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Chevening Scholarship_ Network Building Essay - Program Coordinator

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Oct 15, 2019   #1
Dear all,
I do need your help to commend on my essay below.
Your time and contribution are very much appreciated.

positive network

Prompt: Chevening is looking for individuals with strong professional relationship-building skills, who will engage with the Chevening community and influence and lead others in their chosen profession. Please explain how you build and maintain relationships in a professional capacity, using clear examples of how you currently do this, and outline how you hope to use these skills in the future. (minimum word count: 100 words; maximum word count: 500 words)

I strongly believe the fact that positive network will lead and motivate us to greater success and potential. The good relationship we have will bear fruitful outcomes in our lifetime. I, therefore, have developed my communication skills to build productive networks throughout my professional career and oversea connection programs.

As a Program Coordinator under the Institute of Environmental Rehabilitation and Conservation, I have built an extensive collaboration with government officials, local authorities, key stakeholders and international and national agencies. In this position, I work cooperatively with them to provide technical training for capacity building to local government officials and smallholder farmers on sustainable agriculture practices and sustainable use of natural resources in Cambodia. This network plays a significant role in my efficient daily work, including project planning and implementation activities in the ground level. For instance, there was an urgent need to initiative and develop a reforestation project to meet the requirement criteria of our donors and partners and my organization requested to have baseline information very shortly. Through the network I have with local government officials and technical agencies, I could access and manage necessary data smoothly via phone interview to proceed our project proposal and framework planning timely and successfully got the approval.

In addition to the network across my professional career, I have also pursued to build connection in diverse groups in learning program abroad. I can contest to the fact that exchange programs have allowed me to exceedingly develop leadership skills and research development by learning and involving in workshops and training. With remarkable academic records and professional backgrounds, I was selected to participate in a Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) Program in the United States last year and have now become an alumni of an international network of ASEAN young leaders and of a national association of Cambodian youth.

The network with YSEALI offers an opportunity for me to voluntarily contribute as a Program Coordinator for The Fulbright and Undergraduate State Alumni Association of Cambodia. Besides sharing and learning with young leaders within this association, I also could expand my connection with young high school and university students through various youth engagement events funded by US Embassy to help them find jobs and careers that they are passionate about and enable them to positively contribute to society and reach their full potential. Moreover, US Embassy has recently launched an YSEALI Summit 2019 in Phuket, Thailand bringing 150 YSEALI alumni, like me, to focus on Advancing Partnership for Sustainability through hand-on training and peer networking. The summit has shaped my passion and strengthened regional-wide cooperation with other youth in a way that I could involve to implement development project and explore possibilities for project collaboration and foster the groundwork for long-term partnership.

Back to the future connection with Chevening community, I plan to incorporate my current network with future Chevening scholars and advance this partnership on common professions and interests through research collaboration to apply the knowledge and skills learned to improve our home communities.
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Oct 18, 2019   #2
Hello. I'm going to give you feedback on the essay, no worries!

Firstly, from the get-go, mentioning your distinguishable link to Chevening's values will give you a step forward. Your first paragraph already has potential. Just try to develop the writing into focusing more on how you specifically can contribute to the program. Try to have a more level-headed focus to help you intensify your writing.

Furthermore, while I find that a great chunk of your writing is excellent because of the prevalence of detail, I think that you should focus more on the technicalities of your writing. The paragraph about your experiences as a program coordinator, for instance, could have been better if you focused on your successes - and how you may be able to utilize this moment.

Best of luck.

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