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Chevening Essay - Utilized the networking skills to make a Positive impact

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Aug 30, 2017   #1
Chevening is looking for individuals with strong networking skills, who will engage with the Chevening community and influence and lead others in their chosen profession. Explain how you meet this requirement, using clear examples of your networking skills, and outline how you hope to use these skills in the future. (Minimum word count: 100 words, maximum word count: 500 words)

giving domino effect

I do realize that building up and maintaining the network are crucial in order to achieve our ultimate dream aside of well preparation. Currently, I am working as relocation consultant, where my networks ranging from MNC's to I-NGO who operates their business in Indonesia. But, my first experience to build the network was started when I was selected to be a Tourism Ambassador and Cultural Spokesperson of Tangerang City and Banten Province in 2012. It was my turning point as a professional public speaker where I can be attached to a wider community in my home city or even bigger. To talk and discuss how do we play our role to preserve our culture and drives the change. Also, in 2014, when I was selected to be Indonesian representative to join JENESYS 2.0 an exchange program which brings out all of the Asian future leaders from ASEAN countries, together with the Oceania countries, including The New Zealand and Australia to Japan. The aim of the program is to connect all of the prospective future leaders of Asia. Thus, we can start to build an understanding to ensure that we keep our future life in peace.

From those two achievements, I gained wider network which also helps me to open my mind, and acquired more valuable soft skills. With the essential skills and networks that I had, I succeed to hold two international events where I am part of the steering committee. The first event was Java Model United Nation in 2013, through this event, I and the team were successful to attract more than 15 international delegates from 7 different countries. The aim of this event was to develop delegate's skills on diplomacy and analytical thinking, specifically to let all of the Indonesian delegates experienced the intercultural environment, and built up their confidence and networks. What's makes me proud is because up until now, this event is being the annual event in my university. The second event was Tangerang International Folklore Festival in 2016, the aim of this event was not only to introduce Tangerang culture but also built young generation awareness about preserved both the tangible and intangible cultures. Aside from that, we tried to contribute to help the local government in rebranding Tangerang image as a livable, investable, visit able, and E-city from the old image which was an industrial city with two classic problems such as a polluted and populous city.

I do believe what I have mentioned above are samples on how the networking skills were supposed to be utilized in order to make a positive influence. If I am awarded Chevening scholarship which indirectly titled as a Chevening Ambassador. I am obligated to back to Indonesia to contribute to the existing, and new development, and giving domino effect to a better relation between Indonesia and the UK, or even globally. Also, to help to construct an understanding matters arising, such as poverty, illiteracy, and unsustainable lifestyle, by connected to others future leaders across the globe in the Chevening networks.
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Aug 30, 2017   #2
Dicky, the outline that you created for your leadership and networking skills are truly admirable. The feats you accomplished are worthy of sharing and noting by the reviewer. The only drawback of this type of presentation is that you merely narrated the events and gave an overview of your participation in the events. The networking skills were barely highlighted because you did not really impress upon the reviewer how you created the network and how these networks are still useful to you as of today. the Chevening scholars are practically required to have a current existing pool of contacts in their network in order to help the scholarship program develop, maintain, and utilize your network for the benefit of the previous scholarship grantees, current scholars, and future scholars. You will in effect be a mentor to the incoming scholarship winners when your time as a scholar is over. Therefore, you need to explain how you plan to utilize this network as a scholar, and as a graduate towards the end of your essay. In the overall context of the essay, you also need to highlight how the networks continue to serve for your benefit and it you have already been using this existing network for the benefit of others. If you can effectively represent the network development, its usefulness to you up to this present time, and how you plan to use it during your time as a scholar and long after, the essay will be more focused towards supplying an impressive networking response.

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