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The Courage To Do The Right Thing at Right Time - My Chevening Leadership & Influencing Skills Essay

Abbas007 1 / -  
Nov 14, 2021   #1
Hi Everyone, Below You Will Find My Chevening Leadership and Influencing Skills Essay for the Feedback. Therefore, My Humble Request For Honest and Constructive Feedback. Thank you.

On January 18th, 2008, during the Muharram Procession, I witnessed my uncle die while preventing over 200 people from becoming orphans and widows by thwarting a suicide bomber. That day, my biggest takeaway understood that leaders are not responsible for results; they are responsible for the people. This served as a premise for me to unconsciously love an innate desire to serve people around me.

Although my education path does not provide specific courses/trainings about leaderships, I have always find ways to develop my skills autonomously to serve my community. One among many problems I identified while working at W**** in Pakistan, was lack of trust between the administration and workforce. Those who stood by machines didn't feel that the corporation trusted them, no matter how hard they tried. Workers in need of tools were denied access to the storage and were forced to wait outside. When I joined, I was only an intern, but I felt this problem as if it was mine, so I decided to talk to my supervisor. He listened, but because of limited responsibilities of his role, he asked for alternatives within his command. I gave him the suggestion of not changing the procedure but simplifying it and he accepted my suggestion. A new notice permitted staff to visit the storeroom by registering. It was successful since he did not totally remove the shackles but only loosened them. The most satisfying part was finding a common ground with my boss, acknowledging the fact that to earn trust, we must extend trust. Simply by making minor incremental modifications to our workplace, we were able to instill a sense of belonging and value in our staff. As a result, we finished a six-month maintenance assignment three weeks early.

Another example of my service extends all the way back to my university days, when I joined the university's Society of Automotive Engineering chapter. At that time the society was experiencing a drop in first-year student enrollments. Dr. A***, the head of SAE, appointed me as an advisor to ascertain the source of the problem and devise constructive remedies. Through conversations with students, I noticed that the vast majority of students were hesitant to pay the membership price (20USD) without first learning about the experience. After speaking with various sponsors (U** Career Development Fund Board, NBP Bank), I proposed to the head that membership costs be waived for first-year students and that the society cabinet be restructured to provide first-year students a majority of governing seats. That technique was so effective that it boosted memberships in society by 12% just in two months.

Recalling my uncle's example, I learnt that the role of the leader is to come forward and to have "The Courage to Do the Right Thing at Right Time". As I have amply demonstrated, I have an inner leading aptitude which the Chevening scholarship will further foster, allowing me to bring value back to my country to develop quality systems.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,000 3875  
Nov 15, 2021   #2
The main leadership and influencing example has to prove or provide evidence of your abilities asa emerging national, business, or community leader in your town, City, or country.I find no evidence of this in this amateurish leadership and influencing presentation. Professional credentials, rather than internships and low level positions are the primary credentials for the candidates. None of which you seem to have at this point. This sort of discussion is acceptable when applying to simple, less important scholarships. It will not help you qualify for an important, leading, and world notable scholarship program. Develop a competitive background fust , then try to apply again. The current credentials you portray here will not make it past the screening process.

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