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The current situation has limited UK actions in Syria, still, I've tried to sound reasonable

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Oct 17, 2017   #1

obigation to transform academic work into actions

As a Chevening awardee and a holder of a master degree from one of the most reputable universities in the UK, I have the obligation to transform the academic work and the ethical principles of these programs into actions, the thing that requires a well-tailored career plan.

My first aim is to work for JCI Aleppo which is part of the world-wide JCI organization. This local non-governmental chamber is formed by public figures from the community of Aleppo and the chamber of commerce. The organization purpose is to empower the civil society of Aleppo in various aspects. It launches activities and workshops to help those seeking higher education or preparing for the work field. This includes subjects in business communication, basics of leadership and networking and other professional development seminars. My main objective is to share the finest academic knowledge I have learned in the UK and reach as many people as I can with the help of this NGO. In other words, it will be my platform to convey the practical techniques I have applied to assist prospective leaders to start their journey.

On the other hand, my long tern-objectives are based on the historical and cultural features of the place I come from. Aleppo; Syria's largest city and the financial and industrial center of the country. The ancient city was built on trade and the Aleppians (its citizens) have always been merchants first and foremost. The geopolitical situation has made its location an important trade hub and an essential connecting point of ancient trade networks like the silk road

In 2012, the chamber of commerce stated that Aleppo's local contribution to Syria's gross domestic product was 24% which made almost a quarter of Syria's GDP. The city is renowned for textile and fabric industry, which is completely home-made from cotton seeds to the clothes that spread the markets of neighboring countries, Europe and Russia. All these made feel the responsibility to take action and utilize my expertise and the academic knowledge I will gain from studying at the UK to restore Syria's place among the middle east economies.

Therefore, I plan to establish my consultancy agency to focus on international trade development and provide business services for local manufacturers, merchants, and importer/ exporters. I will work to introduce business policies like those applied by the UK government to create businesses that can face national and international challenges and prosper in this ever-changing market.

The agency will be the connecting bridge between Syrian industrialist and craftsmen and British investors who are looking for growing economies and searching for business potential. Furthermore, my agency will be responsible to develop a critical awareness of the issues affecting the Syrian economy and offer the knowledge, skills, and expertise to assist organisations in achieving sustainable business future. The thing that will increase confidence in foreign investors and encourage them to do business in a country that has a long history in trade.

My vision is to vitalize our economy and build again industries that attract foreign investors from the UK and the world.
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Oct 17, 2017   #2
Mmeduh, your desire to become a member of the JCI Aleppo chapter is admirable and your cause is heartfelt. However, JCI is an American organization that has overseas NGO representation. It is not a UK based NGO. What your post study plan needs to represent is a continued connection between the interest of your country and the current UK projects in Aleppo.

You will need to find an additional organization, one that is UK based for you to collaborate with. While you will not need to delete JCI completely from the discussion, the UK based organization and its relationship to your future career plans must be the highlight of the essay. The relationship cannot be based upon your creation of your agency alone. There have to be existing projects in the UK that you can help to represent Chevening as a graduate in.

As of this moment, you are focused on cultivating the wrong diplomatic relationship. While the JCI does has UK representation, it is not UK based, which is why it doesn't fully respond to the requirement that you consider the ongoing UK projects in your country when you respond to the prompt.
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Oct 17, 2017   #3
Hello Memduh,

Possible (small) corrections are:

holder of a master's degree
JCI Aleppo, which
The organization's purpose
studying in the UK (use of studying at is when it follows by a university name)

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