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"Diplomatic" - Need Advice for Scholarship Essay

Mar 18, 2011   #1
I want to apply for scholarship in "Diplomatic" and its required to write an essay max not exceed to 400 words. anybody can give my advice for this.

thank you very much.

Mar 18, 2011   #2
Developing a thesis is your first priority. In this case, it would be why you believe you are deserving of admission. Then start writing your introductory paragraph, using an opening rhetorical strategy (rhetorical question, declarative statement, anecdote, definition, etc.) using a combination of 2 is desirable. Then introduce the points you will later expand on in the body paragraphs that will help support your thesis, and finally close with your thesis.

Good luck and I hope you gain admission.
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Mar 22, 2011   #3
Great advice, Dude.

I don't understand this topic: Diplomatic. Look up the definition of that word. It is really the correct word?
I want to know more about this scholarship for which you are applying.

Anyway, when you write the essay, explain to them your plan. People are impressive if they have a clear plan with many goals.

Please tell me more about the topic "diplomatic."


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