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Fluent in English, Chinese and Malay - GKS-G Language Study Plan.

jyfang1999 1 / -  
Jan 18, 2023   #1
Please comment.

GKS-G Language Study Plan

As a person growing up learning more than one language at the same time, language has always been a challenging but exciting experience for me. I am fluent in English, Chinese and Malay because I grew up in a country with diverse cultures. Learning different languages has allow me to be exposed to new perspectives and knowledge. When I found out that GKS requires me to take an extra year to learn Korean, I was thrilled because I can spend that year fully focused on learning the language. I began to search for ways to learn the language seriously in 2022 and I was able to find a program offered by King Sejong Language Institute that provides an 8-week online classes to teach the Introduction to Korean in July 2022, I successfully brought my friend to attend the classes too. In that introduction classes, I got know Hangul and what they are, but it was challenging to learn a new language just in 8 weeks. After that program, I found a person on social media who learnt Korean and she offered people all her learning materials, so I was able to get a lot of Korean learning materials like textbooks from SNU, KU, Ewha, Yonsei, TOPIK practice books, vocabularies, and grammar books. As I was starting my final undergraduate year, hence I was only able to practice in my free time. In January 2023, I enrolled as a student of Sungkyunkwan University Winter School for their Intensive Korean Language Course that spanned over 10 days straight. It was very eye-opening as the lessons were very enriching. I find that some of the Korean pronunciations and their writings are similar to Chinese which allows me to learn them faster and easier. As for English, I received an IELTS score Band 8 out of 9 but I still have occasional inaccuracies that need to be improved.

After arriving in Korea, besides taking the lessons in the language year, I will spend more time and practice more with the materials I received from my friend and school. In addition, I will find a Korean Buddy program that allows me to converse with a Korean and join study groups to improve my speaking skills. I will try my best to obtain at least TOPIK 4 during the language year and continue study for TOPIK 6 after the program. I hope to find and join some Korean culture groups or activities to practice conversing Korean with locals. At the same time, although I might spend lesser time on English as I am more familiar with it, I will read more materials like newspaper, research papers or novels to improve the occasional mistakes.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,919 4799  
Jan 19, 2023   #2
The language study plan only concerns English and Hangul. The mention of Malay in this response is unnecessary. Also, since the classes will be taught in Hangul, you may skip that discussion point. A firmer response would be one that centers on the before and after arrival studies in Hangul. The reason for that is obvious. Try to split the presentation into several paragraphs. It is difficult to read the essay because of the compressed format. This is actually an essay that can be properly answered in 4 paragraphs.

While your English proficiency score is impressive, it will not help you get ahead of the other applicants. It is your score in Hangul proficiency tests that can do that. It can help your consideration if you can mention your language school test scores instead. In fact, should you have the opportunity to take the TOPIK test prior to arrival in Korea, if you can get even a base passing score in the test, it would help increase your candidacy profile and give them something to seriously consider.. Why don't you consider it? It looks like you can pass the test.

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