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Global Scholarship under Lund University Masters in International Development and Management

ayasmin 1 / -  
Feb 13, 2020   #1

to make a difference

I am Afroza Yasmin and have 10 years of project management experience in education and earlylearning. As a professional in the field of international development, I have held numerousstrategic and operational positions with responsibility for liaising closely with relevantgovernment agencies, educational institutions and international and national NGOs to ensurequality education for the children in Bangladesh.

Currently, I am working for the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) as an EducationOfficer, responsible for managing educational interventions for the children of marginalizedethnic communities in Bangladesh. I am also providing technical support to strengthen the govt.educational system at subnational level for the sustainable development of quality education.Prior to joining UNICEF in 2018, I was recognized for my professional commitment as Manager-Schools and Community Engagement in Save the Children International in its EducationProgramme. Furthermore, I worked in German Development Cooperation (GIZ) under the Ruleof Law Programme as Capacity Building Manager, I led the project on human rights and anti-corruption education for the children at schools and community level. In my tenure with theBritish Council from 2012 to 2016 as Education Project Manager, I managed severaldevelopment programmes related to arts and education. I am a Management graduate with a master's degree in Information Science & LibraryManagement. I am committed to my own professional and personal development, seeking tocontinuously enhance my skills through both formal and informal education and training. Stretching myself academically enables me to combine my passion for academic knowledge andleadership skills with my devotion towards promoting equitable access to quality education forthe children in Bangladesh.I believe that studying at the Lund University will be a unique opportunity for me to gain deep-rooted knowledge of other academic cultures, to learn from highly respected experts in the fieldand to understand alternative views on development challenges and good practices in diversecountries. It would also help me to improve my understanding of international development,governance and management with a holistic perspective on theoretical knowledge and appliedresearch.As a development professional, working for marginalized community within complexenvironment and diverse organisational structure requires advanced academic knowledge,strategic leadership capacity and management skills. In addition, the socio-cultural climate for afemale activist in a developing country like Bangladesh is more challenging when it comes toleadership role. The master's at the Lund University with its Global Scholarship Programme would equip mewith broadened knowledge, expansive networks and new skills for facing the challenges in my profession. Completion of the master's through scholarship will allow me to make an impact notonly in societal challenges through sustainable development but also to make a difference in thelives of the people of my country. I also believe that master's degree with the Lund University Global Scholarship Programmewould equip me in the necessary foundation required for the pursuit of higher academicexcellence through doctoral studies. It would also help me to have a clear idea of my own aspirations as a future change-maker in my society.On return to my home country, upon completion of the master's programme through LundUniversity Global Scholarship, my newly acquired academic knowledge, enhanced research skillsand leadership capacity will be a vital component in my continuing mission to promote upholdsocio-economic development through ensuring quality education for the children in Bangladesh. Reflecting all my academic credential and diverse professional experiences, I hope that I will beconsidered as a suitable candidate for the full Lund University Global Scholarship.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,686 4759  
Feb 13, 2020   #2
Without the prompt requirement for this essay, I am unable to provide a comprehensive review of the content and the validity of your presentation. The scholarships usually provide a prompt requirement for the student to respond to in accordance with the application requirements. Without it, I am at a loss as to figure out which parts of this essay are required and what can be removed. To top it off, you have written 546 words in this essay, which makes it an extremely long scholarship essay. You will need to review the prompt requirements for the scholarship and make sure that you edit this version for relevance and length. The essay is too wordy, regardless of what prompt it is responding to. This should be simplified to a maximum of 5 paragraphs. Any scholarship essay can be answered precisely by that paragraph count.

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