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NETWORKING HAS FUELED MY CAREER. Chevening scholarship on networking skills essay.

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Oct 29, 2018   #1

strong network between i.a. uganda and uk

My networking skills started far when I contested for a national political office of the students' president of Uganda National Students' Association in 2014/15 where most of my networking was linked. Since my voters were students' leaders across all universities and tertiary institutions in Uganda, I connected and created rapport with all of them, coming from a poor family I couldn't manage to finance my rallies and campaigns fortunately one of my voters named Emmanuel Ekima a students' leader from Makerere University connected me to some government agencies and the ruling party of National Resistance Movement secretariat for financial support. However, this connection didn't stop at funding my campaigns but also I used it to get an internship placement in the ministry of finance, planning and economic development to enhance on my professional skills.

The network I built in the ministry of finance has helped me up to now to build my professional career because even up to now I still receive invitations for crucial workshops on economic policies conducted by the ministry refer to the Mr. Ishimwe Collins Herbert a senior economist in the development assistance and regional cooperation department. This helped me to get my first job in the ministry however I turned the offer down because my former institution (Bishop Stuart University) had also invited me for one.

Networking has been focal in achieving my overall tasks in my dairy life, for example the job I have at my workplace is because of the network I made when I was still a student from 2012-2015.

I got a job because of the network I made with the Dean of students who was the patron to our guild government, the university vice chancellor whom I knew because of students' issues and being a leader she tested and approved my abilities and the university finance office together with the senior accountant that were once my lecturers and because I had made a good relationship with them, they accepted accommodating me in their department.

Being an accounts assistant in August 2017, I enrolled for CPA a professional course for accountants at PACTUS institute and my senior accountant introduced me to and made me join the forum of CPA (certified public accountants of Uganda major aim is to connect accountants to the available jobs and helping junior accountants to solve crucial accounting problems at their workplaces. Whenever I have a challenge with an accounting technique or solving some accounting problems, I approach such kind of forum that guides me on how to overcome such hence adding value and experience to my profession. Through such forum, new available accountancy jobs are posted every day and this will help me get a better job as soon as possible since am part of such a great network.

Currently am looking forward to strengthening and broadening my network with the chevening alumni most especially those of my profession which will help me so much to repatriate their financial skills through the fora we ought to start basically to discuss financial challenges in financial institutions and other government agencies for developing countries like Uganda. In addition, the strong and broad network we ought to build will help common wealth countries UK inclusive to achieve similar objectives and targets.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,801 4780  
Oct 30, 2018   #2
Benjamin, we meet again with the same problem. I will not review this essay until you provide the proper 500 word maximum format for your presentation. It is not my job to edit your essay down to the proper word count. I am not the applicant. That is your job. Be conscious of the rules when applying for the Chevening scholarship. They have been known to disqualify applications because the rules were not followed. You will obviously be one of those disqualified on a technicality because you did not keep track of your word count. Edit this essay. Come back here with a properly presented essay, within the word count, then make the thread URGENT so that I can review your essay properly. You will not get any sort of review from me at the moment because you have not followed the guidelines so any advice I give you will be useless at the moment. Edit it down to 500 or you won't qualify for scholarship consideration.

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