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What's your opinion of the claim that sometimes censorship is justified?

Anouar 12 / 35  
Sep 1, 2014   #1
Please grade my SAT essay out of 12:


What's your opinion of the claim that sometimes censorship is justified?


There's valid ground to assert that censorship, supervision and inspection are the tools of oppression in different forms. Observations, history, literature qualify its harm on both individual and society that's in my perspective I think that censorship can never be justified.

The primary reason why I hold this opinion is that censorship restricts the rights of the individual and personal development. Based on real-life Observations, for example, management during one's childhood may misguide his or her ability to discern outside world. The words "DO NOT PICK FLOWERS","DOGS MAY BITE YOU" make child confused and even worried about whether he or she should stand close to this beautiful but"dangerous"nature.Similiarly,students in middle school would lost their ability of creative study if they are totally controlled by the monotonous standards. Moreove,too much rules in a company may make the enthusiastic staff lose momentum in laborious business when they are punished for having been late or examined to prevent some public-owned proporties from stolen. These Observations from social life qualify how restrictive censorship is.

In addition, throughout history, Censorship has never been justified. Only authority practises censorship to ensure its own longevity and profit and then justifying dictatorship and tyranny. When it comes to totalitarian regimes Censorship can be assimilated to propaganda. Joseph Gobbles, propaganda Minister during Nazis Germany (1939-1945), asserts that Media has the final say in both cold and real war. That's why Nazis maintain heavily all means of Media and then speared its poisonous ideas into the crowds, making central Europe fertile soil anti-Semitic genocides across extermination camps ( as Auschwitz). German Propaganda justify its censorship by providing protection and security to its nation from outside-invasion, while the reality is that this strong censorship turn people into dogmatic, stereotyped and racist creatures. Even Children were taken from families and forced to enlist into barbaric brain-washing programs known as "Hitler Youth". As a conclusion, history proves that Censorship has devasting consequences.

Moreover, literature warns of the danger of censorship. The censor on literature and art is maybe the worst form, because books make people think, analyze, challenge and criticize. So, without books, it's hard to build a free society because books are like a window onto the world. In this way, people without books turn into pacific, easy manipulated and obidient puppet in the hands of government. Ray Bradbury illustrate censorship on literature in a dystopian novel which present a future American society where books are outlawed and fireman burn any that are found . Fahrenheit 451 (the title refers to the auto cognition point of paper) forces, explicitly, on the threat of books' burning in suppressing dissenting ideas which refer to McCarthy Era (1947-1957).This fear comes from "The Great Purge" campaigns in Soviet Union (1934-1940) which is a political repression orchestred by Joseph Stalin. This operation include large-scale purge of the communist Party and Government officials, repression of peasants, imprisonment and Arbitrary executions among even writers and poets. The goal was ensuring allegiance among people. Although, maintaining loyalty can never justify oppression and violence.

To conclude, I can assert that in world that prides its blue-sky thinking, it's a shame to accept any form of censor which is certainty a veiled neo-tyranny.
vangiespen - / 4,134 1449  
Sep 1, 2014   #2
Aside from a few grammatical errors, this is a well written essay. You are obviously familiar with not only the topic, but also the debate that surrounds it. That reflects clearly in your writing. You even remembered to discuss both sides of the issue in order to create a solid foundation for your opinion. I can only suggest though, that you present more recent examples of the disadvantages of censorship. While historical facts about censorship are good, you need to show that those views are still relevant in today's time. This will cement your opinion as the correct opinion in the sense of your paper and also remind the reader as to why modern day censorship should never be tolerated.
xoxo07 1 / 4  
Sep 1, 2014   #3
In my opinion i think your essay is well written, you did understand what they were asking you. Besides the fact you have some common errors, grammatical, i think you deserve a 10. You gave just enough details, and proves your opinion.

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