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Public Health - AAS Essay: I chose Public Health as my proposed study. Why?

sintahtp 1 / -  
Apr 5, 2023   #1

Why did you choose your purposed course and institution?

I chose Public Health as my proposed study. Since my undergraduate studies, I have actively participated in community services, specifically oral health promotion for people with disabilities and special needs. My experiences working as a dentist give a wider perspective of how this population are severely under-served. Dentists are reportedly afraid to treat these patients due to a lack of training. There is also a lack of research, national health policies, disabilities-friendly dental care centres, and oral health promotion programs for people with disabilities in Indonesia. This is a sign that Indonesia is facing a silent healthcare crisis that needs to be addressed with a public-health approach. The study of public health will enable me to develop the essential knowledge and skills to determine problems, implement effective strategies and evaluate the impact. I envision myself as the bridge that provides evidence-based solutions for this problem and be the key to more inclusive healthcare in Indonesia.

After conducting online research and attending education fairs, I found Master of Public Health at the University of Melbourne offers not only the most comprehensive courses but also a Disability and Health Unit, which is the host to the Centre of Research Excellence in Disability and Health that suits my interest. The university also allows the students to do a work-based placement in Professional Practice Unit as a capstone project. Such a project will enable me to improve my skills in a practical workplace setting while implementing and blending course theory with practice. I plan to do the project with the Australia Society of Special Care in Dentistry (ASSCID).

Last but not least, the Master of Public Health at the University of Sydney offers core units such as disease prevention and health promotion that will enable me to develop skills to improve health promotion and reduce health inequalities in populations, specifically in people with disabilities.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 15048 4830  
Apr 6, 2023   #2
Do not separate your interest in Public Health from your chosen courses and universities. That is because your academic goals should align itself with the reasons that you believe the course you chose and the university training / student community will help you achieve your learning plans and potential career training. The last thing the screeneer wants to read about is a stand alone academic goal, and then simple repetitions of the course offerings and curriculum from the universities you have chosen. That is not what he wants to read about. So what you have to do is spread out your academic goals and professional beliefs as you stated in the first paragraph. Make sure that you attach it to the relevant course and university discussion. Then you will have created 2 unique academic goals and personal growth interests for the screener to consider for your application.

Home / Scholarship / Public Health - AAS Essay: I chose Public Health as my proposed study. Why?
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