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Sustainable policies for country development - Career plan- Chevening Scholarship

Alaa Badawi 4 / 5  
Nov 5, 2018   #1

my plan is to work as an urban planner

My academic, professional, and social experiences have shaped my profound understanding of social responsibilities, community leadership, and change management. My vision, as a social leader and junior urban designer, is to merge global policies, developing plans, and growth mindsets with my academic, professional life and my social contribution.

After finishing my study, my plan is to work as an urban planner with international planning sectors leading urban planning, development, and heritage preservation in the capital city in Egypt. More specifically, with a curriculum including UK master degree and my previous experiences, I would be an effective planner with management and sustainability background in projects launched by the UNDP in Egypt. Contributing to Egypt Sustainable development plans with the new SDGs, and the broader sustainability agenda will be an effective role in developing my country.

Part of my area of excellence is in teaching and designing learning experiences; therefore, my next step will be teaching. Which is one of the major effective methods to transfer knowledge to younger generations of architects and junior planners. Guiding them towards their dreams to create a better future. That will open more doors to create a platform for learning workshops, activities, conferences, and competitions for younger students. Taking this to a higher level to cooperate with sectors like the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Alex, The British Council, Egyptian national and international universities, and the Urban Science Researcher's Network.

In order to become a sustainability researcher with a strong, practiced knowledge I will fulfill part of my country's needs from youth leaders.

Socially, I will start transferring and sharing my knowledge with the non-profit organization that I'm part of in the field of developing slum areas and water access that we currently execute. Move forward to be an active member in the UN habitat programs related to urban development in Egypt. Moreover, after being a Chevening scholar, I will be part of the great network which inspires and guide youth to achieve their dreams and improve their communities. That will be a valuable contribution to improve others' lives.

My long-term goals, Firstly, is to be part of the leading members of the Ministry of Planning in Egypt. Specifically, contributing to setting sustainable policies to develop my country economically, socially, and environmentally. Secondly, be a member of the National Heritage Preservation Unit in Cairo, for saving the significant identity of Egyptian buildings and setting new development plans for listed buildings and historic districts.

My passion for helping others and guiding them to improve their lives led me in every step in my life. One of the strongest steps towards that is by being a Chevening scholar to improve my professional and personal skills to be an effective leader that my country needs. In addition, part of goals is creating a solid network that will benefit the Chevening community and my country to strengthen Chevening global impacts to reach more people.
zshooooo 3 / 5 1  
Nov 5, 2018   #2
Hi Alaa. I can see your goals here, short term and long term, but it was not dominant enough potrayed in this essay. Inculcating the importance of joining the chevening in your career plan is good, but it should not be your main focus in this essay. I think you should elaborate more of your goals and ideas, and the background why you choose the course and the relation to your professional experience. Also, as mentioned in the instruction, you could relate your goals with the relationship between the UK government and your country. Good luck!

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