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Uganda's economy - Common wealth scholarship

Dianish kiconco 1 / -  
Sep 15, 2023   #1

How your proposed study relates to

Development issues at the global, national and local level
Development issue connect to your chosen CSC theme and the wider sector.
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I request for a review and comment so that I can improve on my essay

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Uganda's economy is heavily dependent on agriculture, but in recent years it has been steadily declining. One of the main reasons for this is that farmers are currently less motivated to grow any produce, much less export it, as 30% of the profits go toward paying for transportation costs. The reason that transportation costs are so high in Uganda is that both urban and rural roads are in terrible shape, and carriers charge significantly more to cover maintenance expenses, delays, etc. Only 28% of Uganda's road network was in good or fair condition as of 2018, according to a World Bank analysis. Allen Kagina, the head of the Uganda Roads Authority, highlights the severity of the situation: "Poor roads are costing the country dearly, not just in terms of maintenance but also in terms of productivity losses." If Ugandan farmers could travel on better-maintained roads, consider the economic impact that would result.

In light of environmental concerns and the nessesity for integrated transportation systems, such as railways and inland waterways, and particularly now that climate change and global warming are among the most important issues being discussed by the various governments throughout the world, researchers are looking into technological solutions to redefine how road networks are utilized and maintained. New and sustainable transportation options, such as electric vehicles and green infrastructure, are at the very core of this research project because the pursuit of cleaner, less expensive, more compact, and more effective road network technologies is intimately linked to the discovery and development of new materials.

However, the development of intelligent transportation systems (ITS), autonomous vehicles, and electric mobility has been sluggish. The desperate state of the country's road network sector can only be improved if the transportation system is fully utilized and supportive policies are advanced. This is the reason I'm asking for a scholarship so I can study for a master's at the University of Leeds. Therefore, a master's in transportation planning and engineering will equip me with the information and abilities I need to design and carry out infrastructure upgrades and develop public transportation networks that are environmentally sustainable. With this qualification, I will be able to spearhead projects to improve public transportation and deal with the urgent problem of deteriorating roads, which will ultimately raise Ugandans' quality of life.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,249 4651  
2 days ago   #2
The essay lacks a clear focus on Uganda and how you plan to develop the local and national interests of the country in terms of improving roadwork. That should be the main problem you are addressing as you have cited your country's own government official in relation to that discussion. You have deviated from that presentation as you went on to discuss other countries and the considerations for their own development in a related, but not relevant field. The bigger context should have to do with the logistics of travel for the business import and export sector in Uganda. There is an accidental disconnection in the essay. You need to bring the later paragraphs back into focus on the problems of the Ugandan road sector.

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