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[SPEECH COMPETITION] 'Making every child the happiest'

Hambakayasan 1 / -  
Sep 19, 2012   #1
Ok, so here's the thing. There is a competition going on within our school, and it is a speaking and listening contest. We have to write speeches about if we had one thing we could change in the world, what would it be and why...? Please help me review my speech!!! [P.S. Please dont say I suck so hard, coz I'm only a year 6 .__. thanks]

One thing...

There are a variety of problems in the world, many that can be fixed, and many that cannot be fixed. . Every day, children around the world suffer abuse, neglection, labor and military use of children. Every day, more and more children are becoming devastated and are suffering pain, not only physical pain, but also mental pain. I would like to look towards the children of the world, and try to make every child the happiest they can be.

To begin with, child neglection happens every day, in every country around the world. Child neglection is omission, or not receiving very little or no attention from parents and people around them. The consequences of child neglection can be devastating, and the children that suffer from child neglection suffer unspeakably large amounts of pain, not only visible pain, but also pain that comes from inside them. According to a book written by James M. Gaudin Jr. 'Child Neglect: Short-Term and Long-Term Outcomes',

Child neglection usually happens the most with infants and young children who cannot speak for themselves. Moreover, the author of this book reported that compared to non-maltreated children, neglected children have a long amount of delay in language comprehension compared towards an average child, and also, they score the lowest scores in IQ(Intelligence Quotient) tests.

Parental neglectful behaviors include not keeping the child clean, not providing warm clothes, not caring that the child attended school, not caring if the child got into trouble, not helping the child with homework and worst of all, not supporting their child to do their very best, and help them when their child is in dire need of help.

Furthermore, around the world, children are singled out to go into army forces. They are recruited to fight for their country, they are exploited as combatants. Around 250,000 children under the age of 18 are thought to be fighting for military forces, and many thousands more could be sent to combat at any time. Although most children in military forces are between 15 and 18, children at the age of 10 can be recruited, and there have been lower ages recorded.

Moreover, child labor is a very common issue around the globe. An estimated 211 million children between 5 and 14 are working, according to the International Labor Organization. Of these, 120 million are working full time to help their impoverished families. There are many millions of children whose labor can be considered forced, not because they are too young, but also due to the fact that poverty poor parents put their children to work in order to supplement the family's economic status.

Every child has their right to enjoy their childhood. But in spite of this a few children are forcefully put to work throughout the world. This conceals the talent and interests in them. Their urge to go to school is dismissed by their parents. This makes the nation lose a horrific amount of creative minds. These children are stripped of education they are made to work under threatening conditions. They are overworked and under paid.

We can find children selling newspapers on highways. Children are made to shine shoes on footpaths; they work as milk boys, rag pickers, house maids, cleaners in hotels... etc. Many children are also working unseen in domestic service given or sold to a very early age to another family. The United States holds the crown for the most deaths per day due to child abuse related problems, losing an average of 5 children a day.

In addition, an unbelievably large amount of people in jail have undergone child abuse. Statistics show that 14% of all men in prison have gone through child abuse in childhood, and another 36% of all women in prison have suffered child abuse during their time been as a child. Also, statistics have shown that when a child goes through child abuse as a child, are 59% more likely to be arrested as a juvenile, 28% more likely to be arrested as an adult, and 30% more likely to commit a violent crime.

In a nutshell, I chose this interesting topic because we need to make the voices of the suffering children around the globe be heard by everyone, so that we can start to help them. Children are the future and it is the responsibility of adults to protect them and ensure that they get the best footing in life. Unfortunately this is not always the case in many nations around the world. It is hard to believe that these situations occur, but learning them is a good way to start trying to help these children. Thank you for taking your time to listen to my speech.
Stanfordhopeful 2 / 6  
Sep 20, 2012   #2
Don't you think that in your second paragraph...you can start by quoting Mr. James Gaudin book first. Like, " According to Mr James M. Gaudin Jr.'s "(book name)", children that suffer from child neglect suffer unspeakable large amounts of pain..."

Think deeper and emphasize more how parental neglect can affect children. Do you know any real-life experiences to bolster ur points?...Mention more examples and your work could be on its way to excellent considering your class.

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