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Speech: Country living VS living in the city; Evnviromental factors, activities

Dec 7, 2011   #1
Below is a speech for my comm 100 class. I am having trouble making it flow and ending it. Any help or advice?

Country v.s. the City

Where do you imagine the most ideal living; in the country or the city? The most important decision to a happy life is where you choose to spend the rest of your life. So where is the most exemplary place to live? I believe it is the country rather than the city for numerous reasons. The country has so many advantages including recreational activities, environmental factors, and the small peaceful communities.

In my opinion, there is no argument that the country has a better environment to live in. There is so much more beauty in the scenery compared to concrete walls covered in graffiti. Ideally most people would rather see large open fields of grass and snow capped mountains as far as the eye can see, rather than nothing but blocks of concrete, streets and buildings. Not only does the never ending sight of concrete not appeal to the eye, but also the numerous lights that cover the cites and eliminate any chance of seeing the stars as well. Compared to a small country town it is pretty obvious that the air and water is a lot cleaner than places like LA. In the city, cars, buses and airplanes, as well as industry and construction may cause air pollution, compared to the crisp mountain air of the country. Even the taste of the water in the country side is better and cleaner. The constant noise of traffic and sirens are a huge annoyance. The country however has nothing but the sounds of birds and the peaceful quietness.

Speaking of annoyances, living in the country with a small community gives you the advantage of choosing to have neighbors or not. We all know that there are some neighbors you just don't want around. Weather you live near some neighbors or not, people are always generous to help you out. Most peoples inspiration in life is to live somewhere safe. In most small country towns there is no need to lock your car doors or even your house. If ever an incident were to occur in a small country town, the community is so tight knitted that culprit can be found much easier. In the country you can walk the streets and know almost everyone you pass by. There is no worries about getting shot or mugged or even jumped. There is no gang members or gang violence to quiver from, just friendly people and a safe environment.

In the cities kids are constantly getting into trouble or doing drugs. But in the country kids have more safe, health recreational activities to participate in. Kids can hike, swim, ride bikes, or have Bonn fires. Children in the country compared to the cities are more unlikely to become obsessed or over weight because most of the activities they have to choose from are outdoors and health. They have more room to run around unlike the city which is crowded and cramped. It's nice to know that your kids are safely having fun in the clean fresh air, rather than getting mixed up in gangs and drugs. The country is a much better place to raise your kids and a place where they can still have fun.

All in all the country is a much better place to live due to the lack of pollution, the safe environment, and the healthy recreational activities.


There is an unusual calmness in the country side which makes our mind and soul to relax.

The fast pace life of a city can be attractive but eventually the steam runs out. Its more artificial and we all know that artificial things can be good in the shorter version of life but only nature offers us completeness.

--> Also mention that right from the air we breathe to the sounds we listen, everything is filled with purity.

--> As far as ending is concerned, I would suggest you to think of an impactful ending which can give a very strong message to the audience.

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