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Speaking Topic: My mother, the person you admire in your family

May 27, 2010   #1
Hello everybody!
I'm new one. When I saw this topic
https://essayforum.com/speech-writing-8/talk-someone-family-admire- 6509/

I tried to write something related but I cant post my essay so I create this. I appreciate everyone come to correct my writing. Thanks a lot.

Here is it:

We all have someone in our family who we most admire. From my perspective these people are essential for us as we have somebody to look up to. In my case, the person I esteem the most is certainly my mother, whose life story inspires me and even helps me to have pursue a better life.

Going on to my next point which is what she have done in her life, and what I have to mention here is that my mother just a normal teacher in high school. Everyone has dreams but there are few people in the world strong enough to fight for them. Surely, my mother is one of this those. When she was a young, my grandparents had tight family budget so she tried her best to make her dream, become a teacher, come true by doing part time job such as needlework.

Progressing to the subject of what she do now, I would like to explain that my mother still a literature teacher and has done many great things for students day after day. Furthermore, she is a great mother, doing household chore, look after my brother and I.

And so finally then, if I have time, in answer to the question of why I admire my mother, the point I want to make here is that she's a energetic, passion , and patient teacher. In our country, literature is a difficult subject and the lack of quality teacher make it from bad to worse so students hate it and don't want study it anymore. My mother makes every effort to help her students gain enough knowlegde and practical skills. She is not only teach them the lectures but also the behaviors, how to become a good man in life. She spent here free time to find new information and teaching method to improve herself. I aspire to follow in her footsteps so that I can be a better person and guarantee a successful future for myself.

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