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"My sociable mother" - describe a person you admire

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Jan 18, 2011   #1
Please tell me about this essay I wrote about a person I admire, and I choose 2 characteristics that describe his personality.

i am going to write about my mother. shi is called vija and she is in her middle thirties. she lives in riga with me and my father. we have a big house, actually it is too big for our small family. she works in big company as an accountant. my mother loves floristic, it is her hobby. she likes exotic food, especially sushi, but she cant stand boring things, such as chess.

she has an oval face shape, red lipstick on her lips, her blond hair is always curly and she has a big round blue eyes. she has a great taste ans she is very fashionable. i think she is really good-looking women. i admire her for her personality which is a mix of honesty and strong faith in herself, cause and effect. she is kind but strickt. she is hard-working, for example, she often works at nights.

she is very sociable, she has a lot of friends ands everyones love her, ecpecially i. she gets on with most of people and is very patient, particulary when i ask for a help at studies.

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