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Should go to language center or not?

Apr 11, 2013   #1
Hi guys, i have a problem. i want to ask some advices from you.
The question is "should i learn at E language center or not?"
I'm a last-year student in a tecnical university. Now I'm working for a project in order to graduate from my university. As you know, this time is so busy and i only have free time at night. In addition, i work from 7am to 6pm. Therefore, i always get tired and wanna go to bed early.

In contrast, I will join the IELTS test in the end of this year. I know how hard it is and i'm learning as possible as i can by myself, of course, at night. However, i also think, if i can learn at E laguage center, there are many advantages thing i will get.

Please give me some comments for my scenario. Thank you very much my fellow friends :D

Apr 13, 2013   #2
Hi, xucoi!
I had practically the same problem this year and I didn't go to the language center. So for me there are still some pros and cons about this. First, I saved my time. And my money. Second, I really think that self-study could be of great use but you need to schedule it. I was lazy (I am still now!) so I did not practise regularly. And third, you can choose your own style to practice and you know you weak sides better than anybody. But at the same time you reaaly need some discipline to study English.

So my advice is as foolows. If you are able to study regularly (for example, 2 days a week every! week) then you should save your time.

But I am still passing TOEFL soon, so maybe after that I will change my mind))

Good luck!
Apr 16, 2013   #3
I think I will follow your comment and continue practising at home. However, I think 3 months before you get exam, you should go to center to find out some keys to get high score. They always have the best opinions to help us pass IELTS as we hope :D :D

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