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Six "W" on transcript!

zhoudongzhou 5 / 16  
Sep 20, 2009   #1
I plan to transfer to UC riverside(Fall 2010).My current GPA is 3.65. But I have had 6 "W" on my transcript. Even though the "W" does not count against my GPA,but I am afraid these "W" may have negative effect for my admission decision. I drop these classes becasue I do not want to get a bad grade to lower my GPA too much. Currently,I have finished reataking these classes and get at least a "B". Can anyone here help me? Will the negative effect being removed?
EF_Sean 6 / 3,491  
Sep 20, 2009   #2
Well, most university applications have an optional essay you can use to explain just this sort thing if you are worried it needs explaining.
EF_Simone 2 / 1,986  
Sep 26, 2009   #3
"W" can mean anything. I wouldn't worry about it. But, as Sean says, you can write about it if you feel that it should be explained.
aznpoo 7 / 23  
Oct 6, 2009   #4
Ah, I have two and to get into my "dream" school I had to talk to the head of the department, after writing an essay explaining the reasons. Then I got rejected...
JLee92 2 / 4  
Oct 25, 2009   #5
I believe W stands for "withdraw" on the transcript.

I think that colleges generally look down upon it. I've had past teachers say that no matter how bad your grades will be, if you miss the drop deadline, then don't withdraw, since colleges look down on them for some reason.
EF_Sean 6 / 3,491  
Oct 26, 2009   #6
I think it's probably taken as a sign that the student was likely to fail or do very badly, or else planned their schedule badly. Neither is a great indication that the applicant will be a strong student.
neil098 3 / 8  
Nov 17, 2009   #7
Colleges usually don't like when students switch out of classes after certain deadlines. However, if you did well in the classes you switched into, it should not be a major issue.
timeturner36 8 / 26  
Dec 20, 2009   #8
You could always explain the circumstances. There is not much you could do not to change the past since it has already happened. The best thing to do would be to write to Riverside and hope that they understand. You have great GPA so I'm sure you hold a certain credibility.

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