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"Dead fish", "Vung An", "Formosa", "Chinese steel factory"; Polluted environment in my country essay

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Dec 10, 2016   #1
"Dead fish", "Vung An", "Formosa", "Chinese steel factory", ... are one of the hottest phrases in social networks and newspapers in Vietnam recently. So what is the issue, which is mentioned concerning those phrases? Polluted Environment is one of the top problems, which is government and people interested in not only in Vietnam but also in all countries in the world. In developed and developing countries, or which country has large population such as Vietnam, environment pollution can be caused by many factors: solid waste, noise, dust, smoke, especially industrial waste from companies, factories. For example are the case of Vedan discharged untreated sewage into the Thi Vai River in 2008, Sonadezi Long Thanh (Vu, 2016), enterprise about building the industrial infrastructure discharged substandard sewage into canal Ba Cheo in 2011, or thermal factory- Vinh Tan 2 caused dust and affected the surrounding environment in Binh Thuan province in 2015. Recently in 2016 is The stink from Vietnam's fish kill scandal - which left 70 tons of dead fish scattered across the beaches of four of the country's provinces and fishermen out of work. Which organization or individual concerned and must take responsibility for it? , consequences, how about government's solution and Vietnamese people's point of views?

The Vietnamese government also announced details frankly damages the economy and society of mass death fish. The level of pollution by toxins such as Iron, Phenol, Ammonia...was descending, ensure safety for swimming. However, difficult to handle than the seabed persists class suspensions in areas of coral, rock hard...should continue to evaluate the nature and extent of hazardous. However long-term, because of the coral reefs, plankton organisms die should risk disrupting the marine food chain, causing deterioration of biodiversity and fisheries resources area, affecting livelihoods. The government determined that over 17600 fishing vessels and nearly 41000 people have been directly affected (Thao, 2016), including 37200 brood fishes, 900000 brood shrimps,....someone do not even believe in the safety of fish and other marine-related products such as fish sauce, the remaining algae, "There are no fish or shrimp for fishermen to catch, seafood farming is impossible and the tourism industry has also been affected," said Nguyen Tu Cuong of the Vietnam Fishery Association (WRIGHT, 2016). He said most fishermen can't easily switch to another occupation as the only skill they know is fishing....The potential security risk when the people worried about their livelihoods, unemployment, even debt because they could not sell seafood. Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has labeled the scandal " the most serious environmental incident Vietnam has faced ". (Tiezzi, 2016)

As the fish started dying, the Government had no reaction, and thus the mass media has been "guiding" public opinion. When the fish died, the local authorities did not act promptly enough to clean up the beaches. It was only until April 24 that the Government started to call on scientists to work on the case, and called for support for affected local residents. Too much time has been wasted. In this regard, the Minister of Information and Communications Truong Minh Tuan affirmed Vietnamese Government public undertaking and transparency measures developments and troubleshooting this severe environment. Prime Minister has drastically direct the ministries, branches and localities to organize tens of meetings on this issue, requesting an investigation to quickly identify the cause and perpetrators, assess damage economic, social, environmental and timely solution to assist people in the stricken areas, maintaining political security, social order and safety, steering resolutely and strictly handle violators under law, regardless of who they are. Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc basically agrees with the proposed support for people affected by the dead fish from the ministries, branches, and localities. Accordingly, the Prime Minister agreed to support 15 kg of rice / person for 45 days (a total of 4,500 tons of rice assistance) for workers stop working fishing, coastal marine, and dependence; support 60 billion for coastal vessels to stop working due to this incident. The government also supports 100% direct the interest of fishermen. (VNA, 2016)

In the first days when the public was aware of this issue, the information was published widely on the Internet. The information included images of dead fishes, the life of the fishermen, the health of the consumers and the period of investigating issue from the government. When this problem occurred, people can see the information everywhere on the Internet, from social media to online news. However, this kind of information just stays on the Internet for a short time. After that, if people go to the Google and type the keyword "Formosa and dead fish in Vietnam" , the result will be the compensation from Formosa factory. At that time, in the big cities such as Ho Chi Minh City, people went to the road to demonstrate. They ask the Formosa factory get out of Vietnam. They said that they need fish, pure water, and health. The government also limit this activity of citizen by preventing people accessing to Facebook, where people will join in a group and start to demonstrate. Moreover, Facebook is also a tool that can help people to spread negative information widely. On 27.4.2016, on social networks has spread to the streets calling for the Environment on May 1 to at cities and provinces of Vietnam. Those who call the streets raised air pollution in Hanoi by the recent discovery of mercury, fish and shrimp victims died on the central coast, mangrove status in the Mekong Delta and Central Highlands drought . The letter one reads' Vietnam has never been faced with several environmental disasters to the world. For many reasons, such as environmental trade-offs for economic development, climate change ... and the most important reason is the lack of interest of every citizen to live his environment '. The call also suggested slogans that protesters carry as strangers attacking ships off the coast near the shore dead fish did not go unheard, transparency requirements using environmental taxes, the government required a declaration to the people responsible for Formosa. Meanwhile, yesterday the people concerned about environmental pollution in the central coast have signed a petition sent to the White House suggested the US government to help give Vietnam the independent environmental assessment for Formosa with steel mills. The petition also proposed that President Obama raised this issue with the government of Vietnam during his visit to Vietnam in May. Currently, radiation petition has received more than 50,000 signatures. The petition must receive at least 100,000 signatures at the latest by May 26 to be able to receive any response from the White House (Phản ứng của người dân trước vấn nạn ô nhiễm môi trường, 2016)

In conclusion, recognizing a thorough, objective and dialectical, undeniably a contributing Formosa promotes economic growth, Ha Tinh, improve people's daily lives in the locality the United Kingdom. Formosa project - the pride of the people of Ha Tinh had turned land dubbed a "pan fire, rain bag" into modern industrial zones, deserve a highlight national economy. However, the incident caused serious poisoning last sea not only cause a variety severe consequences but also has psychological causes suspicion, anxiety in the vast majority of local people and people throughout the country . To regain the brand, the people's belief in "the province's economic locomotive" still a lot of work to do and not just in a day or two. But most importantly, what is public concern that publicity and transparency, handle right person, right job, not bias, whether it's avoiding anyone, any organization as directed by the Prime opinion Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan
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Dec 10, 2016   #2
Thaomy, is this a draft for a research paper that you are writing? If it is, then you have a lot of work to do in terms of content and presentation. For starters, your opening paragrpah needs to be divided into 2 paragraphs. The first part, should contain only the presentation of the research topic. This will show the reader that there is a point to your paper. The second paragraph, is where that quotation should be located. It is part of the foundation of the research but should never be included in the thesis presentation. Gong from there, you will need to review your current 3rd paragraph. It is extremely long and causes undue stress to the reader because of the difficulty in keeping track of the discussion.

You need to review that paragraph and cut it up into at least 3 paragraphs, dealing with specific discussions. You should never bunch together your discussion and information in a single paragraph. Aside form the difficulty in reading the paper, the eyes of the reader needs to be able to see some spaces in between in order to give it pause or rest. It also allows the brain to better understand the written word and allows for a better analysis of the message you are trying to share with the reader. By the way, in the last sentence of the last paragraph, what exactly do you mean by a "prime opinion"? It is not a term that is easily understood by the average reader. Are you translating the phrase from the original language? You might need to find a more understandable term in English that still relates to the original version of the term.

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