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Admission Essay for Occupational Therapy Transfer

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Dec 4, 2012   #1

Thank you in advance to anyone willing to offer feedback on my essay. It is for admission into a combined Bachelors/Masters Occupational Therapy program. I am applying as a transfer. The topic I chose is how my life experience has prepared my for my future career. Thank you again :)

My experiences over the past decade have enriched my life and prepared me for my future. They have taught me responsibility and the importance of remaining open to learning at all stages of life. Each event has brought me closer to making the commitment to my chosen career, occupational therapy. My desire to improve an individual's quality of life is equal to my enthusiasm to grow within the field.

In my early 20's, while attending community college, I pursued a career in dog training. I began educating myself in current training methods and behavior theory by attending many national dog training seminars, conferences, and certification courses. In 2006, I opened my dog training business. Often times, the behavior of the family dog can impact the dynamic of the entire family. It is rewarding to see improvement in the quality of life of all the members of the family, canine and human alike when behavior modification is made. Dog training is a field of problem solving. Working within the capabilities of the dog and family are extremely important while maintaining, patience, composure, and a positive outlook. These are some of my best qualities. They are what make me a good dog trainer and what will make me an excellent occupational therapist. I look forward to combining my experience and knowledge of dog training with occupational therapy through animal assisted therapy.

One of my greatest challenges and utmost joys in life has been parenting my two sons, ages 3 and 1. Being their mother has brought out the best in my ability to be empathetic, patient, and consistent. My husband and I have dedicated our selves to each other and our family. We offer each other support and remain on the same team through strong communication and respect. It is with this support that I will be able to achieve my goal of becoming an occupational therapist.

I decided to pursue a career in occupational therapy because of my desire to help people actively participate in the their lives, given whatever difficult circumstances they may have. I have committed to my education with a greater appreciation than I had in my early 20's. I thoroughly enjoy learning and utilize my time spent in the classroom.

Over the past 10 years I have learned lessons in patience, consistency, and optimism. I have learned the importance of education and to remain open to new learning experiences. I have learned about my own strengths in problem solving and responsibility that I will utilize throughout my career. I ensure that I will offer the field of occupational therapy a level of professionalism, dependability, and compassion that Worcester State University will be proud of. I am entering this field with a desire for learning that will continue throughout my career. I will not only bring a high level of dedication to the field, but my commitment to my future patients is unparalleled. I envision myself being included in the future growth of occupational therapy and look forward to what that future will bring.
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Dec 6, 2012   #2
I think a better angle to take would be "Why I want to be an occupational therapist", not "Why I'm qualified to be a physical therapist".

Your experiences are really good and no doubt would say a lot about you, but it would be a lot more powerful if you illustrated your patience and optimism, or the compassion and communication you have with your kids, instead of just saying that you have it.

There are a lot of professions like nursing or teaching that require similar personality traits, so make sure your passion for that field shines through.

Good luck, and very good writing!

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