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(the alien environment) PS for international transfer student

eminemya 8 / -  
Feb 23, 2008   #1
Thanks again and again:)

I am no stranger to transfer.

Before I was twelve, my family moved our home five times inside the province for jobs' reasons. As a result, I was forced to transfer from one school to another constantly. At a very young age, I always considered myself as a newcomer who always tried to adapt to the new world of wonders.

The same story took place when I was in junior two that my family rushed nearly 30 degree latitude from the "north most" province to the "south most" in mainland China. The experience was not exhilarating at all for I authentically embraced the "cultural shock".

My first challenge was to understand Cantonese, the local language which made me a foreigner even in school. In class, some of my teachers were just too old to change their ways to teach in Cantonese which completely put me out. And after class when others were happily talking about Cantonese popular stars, I remained still and silent for I couldn't understand a word. Sitting back in the dark corner, I didn't know how to communicate with my new peers. Worse still, they thought I was as dull as an exam-machine and no one initiatively invited me to join their picnic or hiking trips.

In the first miserable month, I felt like a northern fir transplanted to the tropical areas. All the things I had previously taken proud in suddenly disappeared, and, I had to start all over again.

To tackle the language barrier, I actively asked for help from my kind-hearted desk mate who patiently endured my "crude" Cantonese. Shortly afterwards, I could even debate with my peers whether Manchester United was the best soccer team in the world. More importantly, I learnt to break my initial shyness and tried to behave as outgoing. It was an extremely hard time and I could still remember my first shot. On Teachers' Day celebration, every class was required to give a performance but few of my peers were interested in the drama designed by our monitor. I, however, decided to take every chance to challenge myself. In a hurry, we prepared for only two days and our "romantic tragedy" finally turned out to be a "farce". Lack of preparation, we had no music, no props and no heroine. I had to recite my lines alone on the stage like a clown. Despite the sensational effect, my classmates gradually began to accept me for my genuineness and passion. With them, I progressed to live more like a normal teenager boy in Canton and, later, was elected the vice president of the study body. It provided me with great experience to organize activities such as soccer league and English Evening. My pent up creativity and leadership broke out and I began to enjoy my "over-continent" transfer.

By adjusting to the alien environment, I learned, gained, and became more mature. With all the former experience equipped, I am ready to accept every potential challenge in your university.

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