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Blessing of God - UBC essay what is important to you and why?

apricotmoss 1 / -  
Jan 15, 2023   #1

what is important to you and why?

The ability to forget things is important to me. If memory is a gift from God, then forgetting is a blessing of God. Oblivion is a part of a memory system. In memory, we do not keep every single one of our experiences like a picture. Instead, we only keep the crucial information by removing the others by forgetting. These allow us to predict and react suitably according to the situation.

Not only that the powerfulness of forgetting only work for better decision-making, but it also allows us to move on. When painful or hurtful incidents happen in life, we would think that the pain would last forever. However, as time passes, the pain wound slowly heals, thanks to the power of forgetting. I had a period when I would cry every day; being depressed, feeling lethargic, and miserable. At that time, undoubtfully I felt like it was the most painful thing on Earth, but now I can think back of the period with calmness. I could feel the emotions of the time being faded. Because of forgetting, I could live today and dream about tomorrow.

After realizing the significance of forgetting, it even allowed me to live in the moment. I cherish every moment, memory, and experience, knowing nothing could last forever in my brain.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,249 4652  
Jan 15, 2023   #2
You are using the wrong keywords in this essay that make the act of forgetting an ability rather than something that is important to you. The incorrect referencing of the act of forgetting thus made it the wrong response to the prompt.

Your reflection is raw and open. That is something that the screener may appreciate. However, the direct reflection of a situation wherein you realized that it is important to forget hurtful life experiences or a singular experience is missing. Hence, the incorrect reference to importance in your discussion.

If you can manage to revise the essay to show the importance of forgetting as an ability that helped you prepare to face an adult life, then the revised version will be better. Specifics always help.

The response is on the right track but adjustments are still needed. For example, do not say " the ability to forget things" as it refers usually to material items. If you say "the ability to forget hurtful events" or something along those lines, then the essay would better align with the prompt. Keep that tone throughout. Exemplify it with a relevant narration rather than a glossed over reference.
rudraksh - / 2  
Jan 22, 2023   #3
I think other than the content, making your essay more cohesive would make your thoughts come up better to the person reading it for the first time.

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