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to commit with my future - Application The art institute of california San Francisco

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Jun 19, 2011   #1
"What are your career goals and how do you expect your education at the Art Institute of California - San Francisco to help attain them? In what ways will you participate and commit to your education in order to be successful?"

By Ana C. Jaramillo

I am not entirely sure if this was the right way to begin my introduction, but I decided to give it a shot, it might as well be a winner.

I have been thinking on what you probably want to hear from me, on what to write so I can be the perfect student, but I will not fall in ordinary this time, I am not an ordinary person, so why write an ordinary essay.

I was born in the 90's, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears era, I mentioned them because yes indeed, I was their biggest fan. Not that I ever wanted to be a rockstar or anything but I guess ever since I was a kid I thought of myself as someone much more creative than others. At some point I thought of being a musician, I even applied to Berklee College of Music, but when I had my audition, I looked around and figured I had nothing to do there, I wasn't passionate about music, I didn't live for music. I had no idea what my passion was, I kept looking for any career that would give me money in a future, but then again money first, passion later. It came to my mind that if I wasn't passionate about what I wanted to do for my future, I wouldn't be able to succeed in whatever my career was.

One day as I was baking, I opened my eyes realized where I was standing and what I was doing, and just thought of myself as a chef, took me by surprise that what I had been doing for the last couple of years was my passion, my zen zone, that place where I could instantly transport myself from reality to a superior state of mind. I began looking at all of the opportunities I had in the field, and just how much I loved it. There it was, the answer I've been looking for was right in front of me.

As I looked for the best culinary colleges in the United States, I wasn't only asking for the best cooking lessons, I was also looking for a "Front of the House" preparation, after a long search I decided to place The Art Institute of California on my top five, looked at the campuses they had and opted for San Francisco, one of my favorite cities in the world.

I believe that the school doesn't make the student, but the student makes the school, so in order for me to achieve my goals I have to be there 100% in full. This isn't high school anymore, it is the beginning of my future as a professional.

I have always thought of new ways to eat and present food, just like fashion, food has trends, right now on of the biggest hits is molecular gastronomy, Heston Blumenthal is one of the pioneers of this type of food along with Ferran Adria better known as "El Bulli". I am sure gastronomy trends do not end there, and one of my goals is to create a new way of eating food, chemically or just by playing with food reaction. I have a strong belief that food is an emotion remedy, I have always been into psychology and I am very interested on how food reacts with our different type of emotions, one of my goals in this aspect is to create the right combination of ingredients, that will cure some emotion illnesses and call it "FOODAPY" (food therapy).

If there is something I love about a restaurant is that " I am home" feeling, where you can look up at the menu and just go back to you childhood and remember your grandma's apple pie or that chicken broth mom would cook anytime you catched a cold. In the actuality restaurants are all about being modern and having the newest in the market, but every time we spend less time home and more inside an office working, that our only wish is to be home, so a restaurant that brings you that on your lunch break would definitely put on a smile for what is left of the day.

I believe The Art Institute of California will give me the vital tools to succeed as an Executive Chef as much as a Restauranteur, but in order to achieve my career goals I have to look beyond food, and more into what the client wants, I will get involved in additional classes, or special classes where I can learn new ways to present food. I want to know how to mix the right ingredients and come out with a great dish, I want to learn all sorts of techniques to get food done right. I want to know what it takes to run the front of the house, what type of service the costumer expects. In order to reach this goals, I have to give all that I have since my education is important in my future as it is my stair to live the life I have always dreamed of. I will help others in order to get their help back, I will get involved with the college community in order to meet knew people, I am always open to new ideas and suggestions. I am ready to be part of The Art Institute of California community.

This is my future, this is my moment to shine and give my best. I am ready to commit with my education in order to commit with my future. I am ready to give my all, let my imagination fly and take me with.‚Äč

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