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COMMON APP ESSAY REVIEW (essay on personal growth)

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Sep 16, 2023   #1

patience and perseverance - COMMON APP ESSAY

I was thinking about the word 'caring' the other day. Many people would define it as a watchful or protective attraction towards a situation. If the word 'care' had to be represented by another word or thing, it would be flowers.

During our 8th grade summer, we embarked on a science project focused on cultivating and observing the growth of a flower. Motivated to approach my summer vacation, I dedicated my time to working on the science project. I viewed it as a straightforward task: planting a seed and providing it with daily watering.

Based solely on its appearance, I made the flower selection. However, what I was unaware of was the specific month it should be planted. Fortunately, I happened to plant Calendula during the appropriate month. As the youngest of my family, I was usually the centre of attention and care. Nevertheless, the tables turned, and I found myself in the role of caregiver.

Roles like organising events made me come to the realisation that without proper planning, things can quickly descend into catastrophic failure. It taught me that conducting research prior to taking an action can have a significant positive impact. Through my research, I gained the understanding that a good soil is a vital requirement for plant growth, as many soils often lack essential minerals, which makes it difficult for flowers to grow to their best ability.

When I was having trouble finding my potential, growing calendula enlightened me to the fact that adapting to growth mindsets, compared to fixed statistics, can help me progress. I initially believed that I possessed the necessary level of responsibility when I volunteered my hours to assist the individuals who were unable to communicate or ambulate by communicating through picture boards, providing companionship, and assisting with everyday activities such as meal preparation. But here I was taking care of a plant that didn't bloom despite my efforts, and I realised my assumption of responsibility wasn't sufficient.

I replanted the flower with renewed determination, pouring out even greater dedication than before. My ultimate goal was to witness its vibrant yellow petals blooming and imbuing my garden with their vibrant colours. As days passed by, I saw the yellow, orange, and hint of a red flower attracting butterflies. Like butterflies, we fly away but come back to the same flower every day.

As I cherished the calendula plant each day, tending to its needs with care and admiration, a single misstep brought me to tears. Due to a small mistake on my part, the once vibrant and lively petals of the calendula withered away, leaving me heartbroken. What good is a garden without my favourite flower? What good is sunshine if it burns its beautiful petals off? What good is rain if it uproots my beautiful flower? What good am I? To find fault in nature when it's my mind at fault.

Observing the delicate petals of the calendula being torn away served as an impactful lesson in the art of letting go. It reminded me that regardless of how poorly I might perform in my tests, maintaining unwavering determination towards my goals outweighs the impact of a single unfavourable result.

Through the process of nurturing and observing calendula, I learned the importance of patience and perseverance, qualities that have become essential in overcoming obstacles and setbacks in my personal and professional lives. Additionally, this experience taught me the significance of embracing new challenges and stepping out of my comfort zone, as it was through this project that I discovered hidden talents and strengths within myself.
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Sep 26, 2023   #2
The essay tends to be a bit confusing as you move from the plant experience to your personal experience. You need to create a more cohesive essay by utilizing correct transition methods that will allow you to better highlight your personl information when compared to plant. Try to merge the plant experience into the personal development aspect. Perhaps make yourself the flower rather than using the comparative discussion aspect. It will be difficult for you to keep the reviewer on track when you are constantly jumping between two descriptions. Focus more on the way that you represent the plant development and death. You can explain what happened to the plant at the beginning then narrate your own experience.

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