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Common essay at Purdue Describe a problem you`ve solved or a problem you`d like to solve.

liancheng 1 / -  
Feb 25, 2016   #1
Describe a problem you`ve solved or a problem you`d like to solve. It can be an intellectual challenge, a research query, an ethical dilemma-anything that is of personal importance, no matter the scale. Explain its significance to you and what steps you took or could be taken to identify a solution.

"Hi Tim, I'm here!" A handsome man just came into the restaurant, eyes shining. Seeing his bright smile, no one can consider him as a person full of negative sense. Because he once had depression.

I was shocked when the first time I heard about his illness, his sorrowful face presented itself with dim eyes. I had a little understanding of him. It was three months before the college entrance examination and as a student in grade three of secondary school, he failed to have other treatments except taking pills. But without physical daily treatment, the medicine may have little curative effect. Obviously, Tim had great difficulty passing this vital exam owing to depression. As his friend, I need to lead him on the right track.

As we all know, depression isn't an easy work to deal with. Sometimes it might lead to self-harm. Only by releasing pressure and adjust regularity can patients ease their pain in their body and mentality. In any standard, it seems to be a great challenge for a high school student.

First of all, according to the Internet, right lifestyle and daily aerobic exercise has great effect to release depression. Therefore, I started to do with his lifestyle. As his roommate, I supervised him sleep on time and eat three meals a day, which he rarely did before. Moreover, we start jogging every day. Unwilling to run at first time, he gradually fell in love with it. For him, this exercise will release pain from side effect from the medicine。Seeing his change made me more confident to help him.

Besides, depression force patients to lose appetite. Actually, sometimes the appetite is not up to half of mine. In order to let him eat a little more, I decided to eat meals with him. No matter how I urge,little did he eat. However, once we had spicy jelly, a unique native food. To my surprise, he can eat as much as I do. Given this, several special snacks were listed, such as garlic cake. Then our daily dialogs turned out to be like this, "Hey, have you heard that a new restaurant has attracted a large number of people?" "No, but I..." "Come on, let's try it!" Endless novel food allowed him to eat more than eating just in canteen.

After handled his physical problem, here came the hard part, mental health. Actually I had no idea how to do without any professional knowledge, though I had searched on the internet. But at least saying something is better than nothing. So communication seems to be a good way to solve his problem. In my opinion, the pathogeny was his failure in his relationship and the latest test. But he refused to study and make new friends. As soon as I mentioned his sadness, tears would fall from his eyes. His escaping from the past pushed me to help him looking forward to his future. I continued depicting his bright future that he was already able to get a high grade in the final exam, the last test was just an accident. There was no doubt that he would get into key universities unless he give up at last. Because of the encouragement I consistently give to him, he became willing to study. Then spontaneously invited him to join my study group, which can both study and meet new friends. Gradually, smile came back to his face.

Depression is indeed a horrible illness. But with patience, diligence and constant thinking, it won't be our nightmare. What's more, if a positive attitude towards life exists in our mind, how can depression happen to us?

besides, I am wondering if I should add the topic in the blank?


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Feb 25, 2016   #2
Hi there! Welcome to Essay Forum.

After reading your essay, I'm not quite sure that you have followed the instructions based on what you have written. Also, I wonder if this is a good choice of topic for this essay as well. For this essay, it seems like they are seeking something that has the potential to be solved, and I'm just not sure if depression really fits into that category. Speaking from personal experience, having an optimistic attitude, communication and exercise are not enough to solve a problem such as depression. Perhaps they can make a difference and improve it, but in general, mental health is something that is more managed than solved. If your friend was on medication that didn't work, what was done to work on that part of the equation? Changing medications, new doctors, increasing dosage, etc...

If indeed you were able to help your friend's depression go away, I would write about that. How was he before and after? What positive steps was he able to make with his "problem solved"?

It's also not quite clear in this essay why you are the one managing your friend's depression. Why are you taking charge of his eating and exercise habits? Maybe you should explain that. Also, was this a problem that you solved or one you want to solve? I think your friend's depression is one that you could have helped solve, but depression in general is still an issue that we face and need solutions for. Perhaps it might be beneficial to discuss depression in both broad terms and in your friend's case? But that I mean what you did to solve your friend's problem, and also what can be done about depression in general.

Hope my comments are helpful. Take care.

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