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'I can contribute tons in college' - Lehigh University Supplement Questions

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Dec 27, 2008   #1
As you researched and visited colleges and universities, why did you decide to apply to Lehigh? Please give specific reasons. What contributions will you make during your time at Lehigh?

From what I have researched about Lehigh, more specifically the Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, I see that there is a vast amount of knowledge that I can gain at your school (through professors, students, and the other available resources.) Although my primary focus on attending would be Civil Engineering, I would like to push my education to the fullest, maximizing my potential. I have a yearning for learning, I guess you can relate to it as hunger, and my mind salivates at the thought of being at such accessible resources. Going being my field of engineering, I would like to gain more knowledge, whether it is studies in nanotechnology, Computer Engineering, or Electrical Engineering. I feel that at your school I will be able to learn at my full potential and that is why I chose to apply to Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Lehigh University.

I can contribute tons in college, I should be able to contribute the tuition fees to the school and that's a lot of money (ha ha ha.) That was a very lame attempt at a joke. But as you can see, I have a laid back/comedic personality and that will be one contribution I can give to the campus. On the contrary, I can be an intelligible being to converse with inside the classroom, giving my personal insight and responses based on the subject at hand. In my own opinion, I see myself as someone who can understand almost anyone's point of view, a good characteristic for being a mediator (on tangent, I was actually a "certified" and trained peer mediator back in elementary school,) whether in a heated debate (or discussion) in class or a non-sensible debate among friends and colleagues.

What values do you believe are important in fostering a cohesive, successful, and supportive campus community? Please provide us with details from an experience that you had that has shaped these values.

What can help foster a cohesive, successful, and supportive campus community? I believe the two most important values are: communication and open-mindedness. Communication is necessary to get our ideas across to others in the community. Lack of communication will cause the entire entity of the "community" to become weak. An experience has led me to believe these are very important values. I led a community building time in my church's high school fellowship: the example I used to show how to build a strong bond was straw. By itself straw is very weak, but when many strands are combined into a bundle - even the strongest man cannot break it. The ideas we communicate to one another are like straw, when combined it becomes a foundation of a strong community. The second part in making a successful community is open-mindedness. This acts as the weaving of the ideas, when we are able to accept other ideas with an open mind we become able to understand more. Like the example with the straw, even if straw is bundled together it will not stay together after we let go. But, if we weave the many straw strands together we get a product that will last long after we let go.

Please comment. Any advice would be much appreciated.
Smart remarks are also welcome ;)


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