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Creativity takes courage. Photography and video Statement of Intent.

r3njnbott 1 / 1  
Dec 16, 2021   #1
In approximately 500 words, discuss your reasons for pursuing undergraduate study in the visual arts.

Creativity takes courage

Ever since I was younger I have always been considered the "art kid". My older siblings being ivy league students, my younger sister being top of our high school, and then there's me the "art reject, artist, loner, outcast", it seemed to me that I never accomplished goals that they did. While "Creativity takes courage" said by Henri Matisse, my father told me once when I was younger that he wanted to be an illustrator. At the time he was a marketer, but he never gave up. He fascinated me, the way he drew I wanted to be like him, but I had no courage.

Near middle school my father passed away, I had no drive for art anymore or anything. My mom had told me my father left me something for my birthday and it was a camera. My first camera, it was a Polaroid 600 from the eighties he refurbished and got it fixed for me. I never stopped taking photos, when I turned fourteen I received my first real camera. The first photograph I took was of the sky and clouds, it was that same year I won an award for it and the same year I realized "I'm good at this". I never stopped taking photos, landscapes, trees, streets, it all became focal points to my photography. I slowly gained interest in the photographer Eric Kim, I started to try to emulate his work in my own way. B&W pics became my subject for a while. The way the lighting and shadows look fascinated me.

When junior year began, my online classes, my life, my window, my bed; I just existed. I did the same thing everyday, it was a blind period for me, a blur. I stopped creating art, I stopped drawing, I stopped me. At the start of senior year, I still felt awful, my GPA fell over 1.9 points, my PSAT was awful, I had no drive for anything. I ended up getting placed in a TV production class I did not sign up for and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. My first film , my teacher told me this was made for you, I regained my confidence and realized that life should not have stopped me from continuing my passion. My teacher recommended I apply to SVA, I never thought I could be good enough, but I realized I am good enough. SVA would be the best place for me to grow and learn as an artist, the best fit place for me.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,956 4810  
Dec 16, 2021   #2
When writing a statement of intent, go beyond the personal reasons for your considerations. While the personal reasons for your interest at apparent in this presentation, it never went beyond that. You need to discuss more than just the sad life you led. You need to discuss the dreams and ambitions that you carry as a budding photographer. Discuss how photography changed your life and, why you became a better person for it. This essay is just too sad and negative. It needs to balance itself. Talent, academic intent, personal satisfaction, these are all aspects of the statement of intent that need to be addressed within your writing. The title of your presentation is interesting, but the actual essay does not reflect the courage it took for you to become a photographer.
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Dec 16, 2021   #3

Thank you I will take this into consideration when editing.

Home / Undergraduate / Creativity takes courage. Photography and video Statement of Intent.
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