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CROSS CULTURAL EXPERIENCE; Brandeis International Business School(Int Econ&Finance)

Jan 13, 2013   #1
I am applying for Brandeis International Business School, program of international Economics and Finance. Here is one essay of application. The question is---
What international/cross-cultural experiences will you bring to Brandeis International Business School and how will this contribute to the classroom?

What makes me confused is that what is the exact meaning of "Cross-cultural Experiences"? Must it be some experiences like being an exchange students in other countries or the ones of living in or traveling to another country? I am a student coming from China and Brandeis is a university in USA. Should I just talk about my life in China and say this is quite different from the life in USA and consider this as cross-cultrual experiences? I did have been abroad for once during my high school. At that time, I was a singer in a choir and we were invited to give performaces at the "Edingburgh Artistic Festival". Do you think it is a good idea to write something about this experience in my essay?

In addition, I am not sure how could I explain "in which way will my cross-cultral experiences contribute to the classroom". Should I tell the school that I have some update information of the economic development in China to share and I have some questions about the financial market in my country to ask? How could an undergraduate student contribute to the classroom? By bringing some new and hot topics? By sharing some interesting information? Or by telling the class my personal experience? Which way is right? Which way is the best? Or maybe you have some other good ideas?

I am really confused, the essay is going to drive me crazy (a little exaggeration of course LOL). I know my questions are really too many and detailed. You can simply answer some of them. Your advice means a lot for me. Thank you so much! ^-^

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