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Dreams and Aspirations ( UC Prompt )

pacers7ind 11 / 25 2  
Nov 16, 2009   #1
Describe the world you come from - for example, your family, community or school - and tell us how your world has shaped your dreams and aspirations.

Opportunity, a better life and hope are the reasons my parents left Mexico in order to start a new life in the United States. My life took a dramatic turn the day my parents explained to me their poverty-stricken childhoods. It made me realize the unique laws, economic opportunities, and political views of different countries. At a very young age I realized that opportunities vary throughout the world. At seven years old, I remember sitting with my mom every night watching the news and being introduced to these depressing accounts other are experiencing throughout the world. I developed an understanding of the harsh realities of life. As I grew older, I became accustomed to these concepts until my history classes integrated a political aspect to them. This has made me realize that progress can be made to better the lives of people, which is made infinitesimally easier with hard work, and a college education.

My advanced placement world history class opened up new ways of thinking. A political mindset creates progress. I found a solution to these accounts of the world; the answer was politics. Through politics I can fix problems and open up opportunities to others. Ever since then I developed a deep and abiding love for politics. Politics is my form of communication and has made an open minded individual. I express my opinions without any reservations, and I have learned that there are always different opinions and viewpoints contrary to my own. And with the knowledge of both view points, it is possible to formulate solutions to a problem. By being involved in my community, I make my voice heard every time an issue concerns me. I have been involved in the environmental club for three years in order to spread awareness about environmental issues and foster an appreciation of nature. With determination and great concern, I managed to dramatically increase environmental awareness in my school. I now attempt to address and formulate possible solutions to issues that plague our world. I believe I can contribute an earnest viewpoint on almost any subject and support my opinion with integrity and an open mind to conflicting ideas.

I hope to be a part of something that will change the world for the better. History taught me that when there is a problem, someone must stand up and fix it. I hope to teach the future generations that peace is possible by handling conflicts by peaceful means and that we all could live in harmony. The world will always face problems, but it is a challenge I am willing to face. It will not restrict me to strive to make the world a better place.
SmH 2 / 6  
Nov 16, 2009   #2
This has made me realize that progress can be made to better the lives of people, which is made infinitesimally easier with hard work, and a college education.

infinitismal means immeasurably or incalculably small. the word is used incorrectly.

check your grammar throughout the essay. have a teacher or peer edit it.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Nov 18, 2009   #3
...news and being introduced to these depressing accounts of other people's experiences throughout the world.

Infinitesimal means "small."

This is great; you answered the prompt well and showed how your experiences showed you the suffering of the world... and this brought you to politics. I think you should discuss a pol. sci. major, and discuss some of what you know of political science. It will be great if you refer to what is going on in modern politics if you can. Show them that you have already jumped into the field of politics through your reading! Add some specifics to that very general last paragraph...


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