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I fell in love with UCF immediately; Why I choose UCF/Unique Qualities

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Feb 20, 2013   #1
Constructive criticism greatly appreciated, thanks! :)

-Why did you choose to apply to UCF?

Applying to the University of Central Florida was not a decision I had to make, it was a decision that was made for itself, years ago. The University of Central Florida became my dream school after visiting the campus for the first time in 2009, while attending a concert at the UCF Arena. I fell in love with it immediately, the campus beamed a diversity of new students and new beginnings, it was the return of fall. Students were scattered around sidewalks, dorms and shops, socializing and laughing. I only thought of how easily I pictured myself blending into the atmosphere, standing in those same spots, but as a Knight. ​Prior to visiting, I was initially drawn to the location, an hour away from home is just enough distance to venture out, but close enough to regularly visit family. Not only is it close to home, it's also located in the bustling city of Orlando, which provides an easy outlet to job and internship opportunities. After the concert I researched into the school further and came across the "College of Business Administration" programs offered. This sent me head-over-heels in love with the school. Business and marketing has always been a top interest of mine as a career path; which is why I completed four consecutive years of Old Town High School's Marketing Academy class. The business program was only the icing on the cake, the combination of atmosphere, setting, and academics created the perfect formula for why I know UCF is the perfect school for me.

-What qualities or unique characteristics do you possess that will allow you to contribute to the UCF community?

In the competitive world we live in today, it takes a lot for an individual to stand out and shine above the rest. Now, more than ever, a throe education is imperative to a successful career and stable life. Although it is not mandatory to complete a higher education, I have always viewed college as mandatory. Beginning since elementary school, it has been a passion of mine to do well each year, in each class. I consistently strived for A's and took higher level classes to challenge myself. A diligence to do well and a passion for learning are exactly the kind of characteristics I have that will enhance the University of Central Florida's learning community. Although many students may posses these traits, few have the enthusiasm I withhold in everything I do. You may see a glass half empty, I look at it as half full. When a tricky task is presented to you, you may look at it as a bothersome chore, I see it as an opportunity to be challenged. This characteristic is one that separates the quitters from the ones who persevere. Many can put in the work, but few do it with genuine enthusiasm and passion. Bringing exuberance, diligence and a positive attitude to the University of Central Florida will not only help my learning experience expand, it will also contribute positively toward the learning atmosphere of the entire school.

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