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FILM MAKING; Academic interests- USC (Film/TV Production)

Ninja4hire 1 / -  
Nov 30, 2013   #1
Throughout my high school years I've grown to love writing, making films, and storytelling. In my freshman year when I joined Broadcasting class, I felt as if I found the place where I felt most comfortable. Of course, I have always found myself enjoying English class and writing stories more than anything else in school. I became more and more attached to filmmaking after each video that I made. After going into deep thought about what I wanted my future to look like, I felt an urge to go into the film industry. Though I've spent the last three years trying to use my creative ability to it's fullest potential and learn as much as I can about filmmaking, there's still much to learn about the magic of film. Filmmaking can do way more than just entertain, it can open up different perspectives and can stir up intense emotions. I want to reach my long term goal of making it into the film industry by pursuing a degree in Film/TV Production at USC. I feel that USC would be the best school to major in film production because of it's connections to the film industry and because of it's worldwide known film school. Going to USC would be a major benefit for my future and would be a great stepping stone for the life i have ahead.
RashedMohamed - / 5  
Dec 5, 2013   #2
Hi good to see your effort but every essay must be accurate for sure. I found some important points by reading this Essay.

1-uses very emotional language
2-uses personal examples (e.g. I, Me, My...)

Best of Luck.
fiftyskye 4 / 14  
Jan 1, 2014   #3
Though I've spent the last three years trying to use my creative ability to it's its fullest potential...

-The full potencial of your creative ability.

Other than that, your essay looks great. Please help me with mine.
montezuma64 4 / 5 1  
Jan 1, 2014   #4
Your essay fully answered the question. You showed passion and emotion in your interests and your plan seems to already be determined. I'd rate your essay 8/10 Very nice work.

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