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Sep 8, 2023   #1

taking a gap year or not?

My decision to embark on this unconventional path of taking a gap year was driven by a combination of circumstances, including my oversaturated ambition but financial constraints and lack of belief from those around me. However, I refused to let go of my dream of studying at the best universities in the world.

Originally having applied to Canadian universities, I was ecstatic to receive acceptance letters. Unfortunately, the financial burden associated with studying abroad in Canada proved to be an insurmountable obstacle. Despite the undeniable appeal of these institutions, I needed to explore more affordable alternatives.

During this time, facing skepticism from others was disheartening. My father was very proud of my academic success but was unable to provide me with the funds for further education abroad. He had already spent a surplus on this journey in the end this collectively broke both our hearts.

I began offering Tuition services, leveraging my knowledge and skills to help others while simultaneously earning funds to take my SAT. This period of financial discipline sacrificing my time going out with friends and pursuing my hobbies sparked my father's confidence back in me. By this time I had already missed my chance to enroll in this year's intake. I told myself I won't let such a small hiccup in my journey stop me from making my aspirations a reality. I stand fully prepared to face all the challenges ahead and scale such heights that I fail to remember a time like this.

Is this good enough to explain my gap year to US Universities?
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,830 4781  
Sep 24, 2023   #2
It is definitely an explanation of why you had to take a gap year. However, it is not the kind of explanation that would impress the reviewer. You decided to take a gap year because your family chose to support your travel abroad rather than preparing your college fund. That tells the reviewer that you are potentially a spoiled student who may not even complete a semester of college before dropping out of the university. This is not the image you want to deliver. You did not really contribute to the community or have any non-self serving activities during the gap year, which is what a gap year is normally about so the reviewer may not really decide that your explanation will be acceptable enough to explain the gap year.

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