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My goal to transfer to Nursing School Admission

byeung1489 4 / 10  
Jan 24, 2012   #1
The daily basis questions my mother asked, "What is wrong with you?" I never knew but to feel disappointed liked I have failed. I too ask that same question at times. However, two years ago, I finally came to reality with that question. I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivities Disorder (ADHD). Since, kindergarten my mother disciplined me harder than my siblings. She says I am the most difficult child and until this day she still mentions it. A non-typical child in kindergarten like me would be disciple by teacher in on a daily basis, from disobeying to daydreaming, and being voluble to my classmates. I became nothing but an unstable child to my father and relatives eyes, as a misfortunate. The negative influences shaped me to be a brainless puppet and lived the life as a normal person going to school without knowing what I want to be. My conditions never enable me to be in full-potential, I gritted my teeth when I tried to focus on subjects I was uninterested in. My grades echoed my ADHD's intractable ways. In junior year, I realized Computer Information System was an unsuitable major as I envision myself in a desk for eight hours was impossible. While others dream to have office job, I wanted something that can help others and stay active. After my realization, my world shredded in pieces, my father was hospitalized and was diagnosed with chronic disease, stroke and heart attack. My father was being pushed in different rooms for examinations. I began to tear with worry and sadness. A teddy bear printed uniform nurse came over to ask me is everything, alright? Her name was Jessica. She was very sincere and friendly. She offered me something to drink and told I need to stay strong. Jessica was our assigned nurse that has finished her shift; however, she stayed behind with me until she knew I would be fine. I withheld the fear but it was still seen by Jessica. In the dimmed cold room, I felt the nurse's sincere care, Jessica's actions reflects the care of a nurse that means more than reasonability. I became the financial support for my family with responsibilities of operating the family business, and working over 60 hours' weeks. My academics suffered. However, I was in serious predicament in leaving previous academic accomplishment or continue to peruse for a degree. Others found my decision to be irrational, but before my father's incident,

I had begun to seek for my passion. Despite the negativity from others stating I cannot finish something, I was determined to peruse the Nursing profession. From taking my father to therapies, I saw the importance in health professionals. I redress myself because this is what I want to be a nurse to help others. I wanted a new environment in peruse in nursing. I enrolled in the Community College of Baltimore County. I felt divine and passionate; however, without knowing, my ADHD condition had come back to haunt me. I started to have difficult time struggling among family, school, and work. During the semester, my brother was diagnosed with ADHD. He mentions the symptoms and said that I may have the same problem. After the examination, my doctor prescribed meditation and offered places that have therapy sessions. Knowing my problem was like a calling for me. I can focus in finishing tasks, while multitasking, something I was unable back in the day. Since, my grades has improved and I have taken more challenging courses. I made to the dean's list but I know that is only the beginning. My own passion in nursing has thus far been an incredible experience.

Georgetown is where by heart I know it will satisfy my search for education and opportunities in the field. I felt a since of warmth from the moment I visited. Classes taught professionals like Jean Nelson Farley, and they provide knowledgeable lectures, while given challenging tasks to motivate me. The cultural diversity of students enhances the amazing learning experience. Thus, I seek a Bachelor's degree in nursing to help others. I want to research in developing countr. I want to make a footprint in rural areas like my parents village in China. My goal is to become the best nurse that I can be, and that is the direct consequence of realizing that I cannot imagine any other career that would fulfill my needs as nursing does. I believe Georgetown University can archive my goals of becoming a better person.

TokoziBlonde 1 / 3  
Jan 24, 2012   #2
Make sure your verbs are the same tense, and you'll have a wonderful admission essay;)

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