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I am going to apply for GSEP Program for Bachelor study in TITECH, Japan.

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Jul 15, 2020   #1
Hi guys~ I am going to apply for GSEP Program for Bachelor study in TITECH, Japan.

Please tell us about yourself, including the following:

▪What are your academic strengths and current goals?
▪What kind of activities have you initiated or taken part in as a student?
▪What leadership experiences do you have?
▪Comment on your knowledge regarding Japanese culture and the language.
▪List any awards or certifications that you have received in sports or academia.

(max. 500 words)

Once a Pressure vs Volume Graph from the topic "Ideal Gas and Thermodynamics" in a Physics test during grade 12 changed my perception about my academic ability. I was the only one to get a "Very good" compliment on my answer script, being able to answer a creative question only in my whole class. I knew that compliment was not written even on the answer script of the student got highest in that test. In my high school passing exam HSC, I achieved an exceptional result in my country, about 5% students of all of country could make only.

If I get into the GSEP Program, I shall act as a bridge to facilitate communication between my Japanese and Bangladeshi friends. I want to work in research labs available in this program. I shall come back to my country after completing my studies and engage in research here to solve my field related problems and thus create a good image of both countries in between. My dream is to establish a research lab in Bangladesh in future.

During grade 8, I and my friends were no soccer experts, but still I with another of my friend, founded an amateur team of ours. My friends trusted me with money for making our own designed jersey from shop. I used to manage the whole team, find local amateur teams from Facebook and take matches against them. Apart from studying during high school, I was actively affiliated to Notre Dame Science Club, the country's first science club. I volunteered and organized science fairs, science Olympiads etc. in which students from the whole of Bangladesh participated. I went to different organizations of the country for getting sponsors, from school to school for registration of students in various events. Being a teenager, going for deals, negotiating with adults, writing sponsorship letters, designing posters or magazines, working with other club members etc. have taught me about the formal interactions and developed my interpersonal skills which one learns through a year of real job experience. For my contributions, I was appointed as the Vice-President of the club for session 2017-18. I was also awarded 'Life-Time Membership' for my role.

My brother got an M.Sc. degree from Japan through JDS Scholarship a few years ago, from whom I have known so many incidents about how courteous the Japanese people are. Even I have felt the same, through getting to Japanese language, culture, etiquette, and manners through watching Japanese anime and movies mostly. During FIFA World Cup 2018, when I had seen the Japanese fans in the stadium cleaning their stuff after a match, I knew I had to go there for higher studies, not just for higher education, but something more.

I love the Japanese Language because of its uniqueness. The regular speaking, being so short-sentenced also attracts me. I started learning Japanese from December 2018 to March 2019 in JUAAB Japanese Language School, an institution supported by the Embassy of Japan. I did a 72-hour course which covered half of the N5 level and secured grade 'A'. I could not afford to attend full course due to financial crisis, but took an attempt to complete the rest of the N5 level on my own last year and sat for the JLPT N5 exam but failed. I hope to sit for it again when the pandemic situation eases up. So far, I have a very basic Japanese language ability which I am so eager to furnish when I go to Japan and learn it more.

[About 600 Words]
Note: I know the words are more than limit but I shall modify it so I'm leaving it here for advice please help me with my flaws.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,686 4117  
Jul 16, 2020   #2
I m afraid that you missed responding properly to several discussion points. You have to be clearer in your response to the following:
- What are your academic strengths and current goals?
- Comment on your knowledge regarding Japanese culture

These aspects need to be better supported in the essay. It is difficult to pick out which of your responses address these points directly. Though you spoke of your academic achievements, you did not really represent a single paragraph discussion regarding your academic strengths. Your current goal should not be related to what you will do if you get into the academic program. Rather, you have to speak of your intention as a student within the program. What is your goal? To become what? Why that goal? Insert a simple statement regarding the purpose of your course choice.

Remove the reference to the soccer team. Though it shows your character, it does not show the same leadership implications as your time with the Notre Dame Science Club. Focus on the science club reference, but build up actual leadership participation rather than simply listing your activities as a club member. Being a member of the club accomplishing tasks is not the same as having a leadership role in the club. Clarify that by using only one activity that would highlight a leadership skill as implied by the prompt.

Aside from the influence of your brother, which is a strong reference point for you when it comes to your knowledge about Japanese culture, what other experiences have you had with the culture? That whole paragraph does not work. There is no actual reference to a clear interest in Japanese culture on your side that you actually pursued in an effort to know the culture better. For example, you could refer to being influenced by manga comics, explain an interest in Japanese cuisine that led to your studying their cooking styles, studying the history of the Japanese royal family after having seen the coronation ceremony for the new emperor, or anything that will show a keen interest in learning about Japan on your part.

Once you properly revise the essay by taking out useless points and adding important points, you should find yourself meeting the word count. Mostly because you will have revised the essay thoroughly with regards to content.

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