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Guidance for my next step in life..college ( Essay Leadership)

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Feb 19, 2012   #1
There are many elements that have drawn me to extend my education at the University of Central Florida. As an aspiring business major I have read many positive reviews and heard great things about the universities' College of Business Administration. I have both friends and family who are or have attended UCF and have shared their positive experiences. A personal friend who is attending UCF now, communicated her great experience at both scholastic and on-campus life. I have been able to attend a campus tour and attend football clinics where I interacted with coaches, staff, and students, and was very impressed by the large but close knit community. But all in all I was probably most impressed with the overall attitude of the University, everyone in the community seemed to be unified and proud to be there. The students seemed to be very involved in their academics, their peers, as well as their campus. The University does a very impressive job at bringing in a vast number of students giving the campus diversity, and this has attracted me to applying to the University of Central Florida.

To Continue, I believe that I possess many of the qualities it takes to contribute to the UCF's community. One of them being leadership. I was a captain and leader for my high school football team. My experience as a leader has given me the courage to speak in front of others and lead my team when I was called on. Another trait I possess is work ethic. I have obtained some of my work ethic through my high school sports endeavors, but where my work ethic really came into play was my academics. I have opted to take A.P. and honor courses throughout high school to prepare myself for college. My class rigor, I feel, has prepared me to be a successful student on and off campus. But I think my best quality is my ability to give. To give a helping hand to those in need, to give my full attention when needed, and to give my all into what I want to accomplish.

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