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'the Head-boy of the school' - extra curricular activities

sohaibsiddiqui 3 / 18  
Sep 27, 2011   #1
Since my childhood I have always being looking forward to attending school regularly. My desire to gain knowledge was of course the priority but the extracurricular classes fascinated me the most

Going to high school was a thrill. I had always been a sports freak, in high school there are a lot of oppurtunities for sports. I tried for the basketball team. The selection month was a tense period. Joy I felt when I was chosen to captain it was inexpressible.

I still remember the excitement in the crowd during every game. The cheering of the crowd every time home team scores is incredible. I lead my team during my all four years in high school. Won the tournament on my senior year.

During my Junior year, I was chosen the Head-boy of the school. Now i was not only contributing to the school but i was leading the whole student council too. I was involved in action for the students. Acknowledgements followed the realization that I had developed synchronized eye and hand movement, confidence and a perfect focus

I look forward to my weekly extra-curricluar activities.I feel that extra curricular activities encourage the growth of an individual and they should not be placed secondary to academic.

Please help me on making it good.

Home / Undergraduate / 'the Head-boy of the school' - extra curricular activities
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