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Essay "Important Issue" - drug abuse - can demolish everyone's life

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Nov 26, 2009   #1

Student Drug Abuse

A great deal of young children, teenagers, and adult's can demolish their life. It can divorce families and kill people. It is - drug abuse.

Nowadays, it became severe difficulty in many countries. Young children as young as 13 years and elder are experimenting with many types of drugs and drinking alcohol. Many people believe that it is the result of elders. And I will support this general statement in the following paragraphs.

This circumstance has happened few years ago. Close friend of my classmate merged with gang.
After this he started smoking. When passed some weeks he started drinking alcohol. Finally, after one month he experimented with (tried out) drug. His elder friends baffled him from right path. He chose wrong direction. Before all this happened he had everything. Friends, money, good parents and studied very well. In the end, his relatives and classmates had revulsion to him. Everyone condemned him. He started to sell everything to buy expensive drugs. I do not denounce but elders influence teenagers to use drugs and teenagers impact to young kids. Lastly, he left alone. No doubt that his life is broken down.

I believe that understanding of both sides of the coin is extremely important, for instance, in some countries various students use drugs before important or final exams. And drugs provide them with extra energy or help to not sleep as a consequence to study more, drugs affect like caffeine or adrenaline. I did not support this position, but for some it is the best way for preparing.

The effects of drug abuse are global. Many young people's future are failed, talents are shattered.

Drug abuse is increasing dramatically every day. It can bring many diseases like AIDS, etc. AIDS kills many people each year.

I as an opponent of bad habits, i.e. drug abuse, alcohol and smoking. I do not want to live in society like this. And I am trying to fight with bad things in all events which I face with. Participating in volunteer jobs in places like rehabilitation centers, anti-smoking meetings and taking part in Health Day every month. Our society is deteriorating with every day. If it will continue we can lose peace in our world. As a result, drug abuse contaminates people's minds. To solve this, World alliance must prevent drug production and expansion in several countries. Briefly, we must struggle against drug abuse, it steadily increases, and it fouls our mentality. Sometimes, I think and ask question to myself, will our descendants live in tolerant public, not like ours? Society without evilness and violence. And the answer is yes! Because man devised it, man can destroy it. Everything is changeable and we can alter our World together.


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