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"International Relations and minor in political science" Penn - Why do I want to go?

yenna 9 / 23  
Dec 31, 2010   #1
Here's the prompt: Considering both the specific undergraduate school or program to which you are applying and the broader University of Pennsylvania community, what academic, research, and/or extracurricular paths do you see yourself exploring at Penn?

I'm really not sure about my beginning...
thanks in advance for the help :D

At Penn I want to meet people from all over the world. I want to take classes that will expand my knowledge about the world. I want to participate in events and activities that will widen my paradigm. At the University of Pennsylvania I want to strive to make myself a more globalized person.

I want to major in International Relations and minor in political science but I also see myself taking courses in ethics, geography, international development, and cultural studies. I want to be able to learn to the most of my ability in the subjects I am most passionate about and I feel Penn is a school that will provide me an education fitting for my wants. I would also definitely consider programs such as study abroad and the Washington semester so I could further my knowledge and learn more by research and first-hand experience.

I am set on exploring multiple organizations at Penn. Model Congress, International Affairs Association, cultural organizations such as Korean Student Association, a service organization and possibly even an environmental organization are all under my radar. I would also like to participate in a music organization to keep up with my piano and violin. Penn seems to have everything I want and I look forward to being able to participate in these extracurricular.

Yes, I admit, I am greedy. I want so much but it just so happens that I have come upon a school that can fulfill these wants: The University of Pennsylvania. Penn will allow me to further my knowledge in the areas of study I wish to pursue the rest of my life and also has way too many organizations I want to join! Attending Penn would be a dream- the opportunity to do the things I enjoy, a chance to meet new people and eat great foods, and the prospect of studying the subjects I am passionate about...what else could I possibly want? Well maybe more food, but most of all acceptance into Penn!

meh . I think it may be too generic and boring? haha

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