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Learning appeals to me; FSU/leadership, learning, service, and global awareness

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Oct 19, 2013   #1
I've got a lot to say but I'm not good at putting it into words lol.
Am I on topic? Do I answer their question?

My Essay:

No Survival Without Learning?

How can one survive without learning? My mind has the habit of a five year old child; constantly asking questions and seeking answers. Every time USA shed a president, the talk of the town was about picking a new one. Headlines and breaking news made presidential races unavoidable. My wish was to thoroughly understand the process of presidential elections so I would not be left in the dust when it's my time to vote. My wish was granted when I took a high school course in American Government.

Of-course, not all knowledge is found in schools, in fact, most is acquired from experience! Everyone remembers having their eyes glued to their famous animated movie. Whenever I watched Aladdin, I was fascinated at how Disney was able to bring drawings to life! Was Aladdin really thousands of drawings put together or was it magic? My long quest for an answer ended the day I visited Walt Disney Studios. There, I witnessed with my own two eyes how "magic" was made! As a child with an unquenchable thirst of knowledge, I was in heaven. The feeling of satisfaction when I learn something new is indescribable.

Throughout my seventeen years of life I became fluent in Hebrew, Russian, and English. I learn best through observation. When I visit my family (for months at a time) in Russia, Moldova, and Israel (my homeland) I need to blend in and adapt to their ways to avoid being susceptible to crimes directed to foreigners. Some of my most proud moments are learning to play the piano criss-crossed and creating voluptuous vases on the potter's wheel.

Learning appeals to me most because it creates a better chance of being successful. Whether one gains knowledge best through school, experience or observation; it is undeniably the most important step in building a future career.

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