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"What Would It Mean To You To Call Yourself A part of our university?" (100 words or less)

nandasharma 14 / 53 9  
Jan 4, 2017   #1

the Megamind

Besides XXX University's appealing location, top-notch science & research infrastructures, familial community and outstanding extracurricular idiosyncrasies, I was awed by myriad opportunities it had in its pocket for me, not to mention its interdisciplinary schooling. I would not only just elevate athleticism amongst my fellow classmates or diversify the student body with exhibition of Hindu-Nepalese cultures, but I would also pick up miscellaneous academic/non-academic experiences which would succor my technological resolutions-mostly directed towards strengthening of cyber security by enlightening myself with XXX University's superlative Mathematics academics accompanied with exploitation of the state-of-the-art technologies like the Megamind of College of Arts & Sciences.

Holt [Contributor] - / 8,804 2614  
Jan 4, 2017   #2
Nanda, rather than wasting your valuable word count with word fillers in your first sentence, use that to enhance the statement instead. You mention a myriad of opportunities that the university offers its students beyond interdisciplinary schooling. Why don't you mention what these opportunities are? Give examples of organizations or exchange programs that will help to give value to your schooling there. That way you balance the extra curricular intellectual influence with the academic and athletic considerations that you have. It would also be unique if your statement has you developing a specific phrase, description, or title for yourself in order to better represent the "Call yourself" part of the prompt. How would you categorize all of the things you said into one word? Maybe a notable phrase? Even a hashtag would probably work to further create a unique sense within your response.

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