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"I can be myself, learn a lot, experience new surroundings" - Morgan State

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The Assignment: Write a 500 word essay describing how you would contribute to the Morgan State University legacy.
Classy Ambassador
by Raygan Webster

It was the middle of sixth grade when I transferred from the most perfect school to the zoo. It's hard being the new kid especially when you feel like a foreigner. I literally cried when my principal told me I couldn't come back until my parents pay what they owe. My first week of school felt like a customer buying a broke movie from the bootleg man; it was messed up, but it was still playing. Now, let me tell you what I mean by I felt like a foreigner. See I grew going to a Catholic school since I was two years old and they helped mood me into a bright young lady that I 'am today. Catholic school was strict, clean, and I was taught good education. We had field trips almost 2-3 times a month and the food was delicious. I was friends with all my peers and some upper classmen so I was thinking life couldn't get any better. Then there was the zoo, Myra Bradwell Academy. That school was nasty, the kids were loud, and they used profanity. Then what makes it worse the girls were fighting like animals over a boy. The boys were smoking and very sexually active. I didn't know what to do but, adapt to my surroundings. When I went there life got a little harder because, I got used to going to the zoo.

A year went by and I'm still in the same public school; I was a little upset. I met new friends and I got used to the things and people at that school so I thought it couldn't be that bad; but until some personal things started to happen to me. One of the most important people in my life became really ill, which was my Grandma Willie. It's sad I can't have a mature conversation with her now but I'm glad I did have that relationship I had with her then. My Grandma Willie got really sick with Lung Cancer when I was in seventh grade. Everyone in my family had to help take care of her and spend as much time with her before she pass. I then realized when I was taking care of her I wanted to become a nurse and I wanted to help people feel better. When I graduated from elementary school, I registered into Chicago Vocational Career Academy. I really didn't like that school at first, but what made me stayed was my major; Medical Assistant. When I started medical assistant classes it gave a taste of being a nurse. I learned a lot from my teachers and I learned a lot from my peers. I actually participated in a breast cancer function for my school at UIC and I learned a lot more about cancer. So far I've been taking medical assistant classes for 3 years and I have a feeling that I will take up nursing in college.

Speaking of college, I'm in love with Morgan State University. When I came across your school I immediately fell in love with the landscape, the academics you offer, the nursing program, the sports teams, and the location. I will give Morgan State University my enthusiasm, knowledge, support and school spirit. In high school I became very determined, driven, optimistic, and a real model student. I can contribute my experience to Morgan State University nursing program because, I have experience with helping people, I will be taking clinical soon ,and I feel I can be helpful to my peers. I chose Morgan State University because, it's a historically black college and diverse. I know it has a good nursing program and it gives me an opportunity to get a doctorate. I like it's an out of state school and that can give me an opportunity to become independent to start my own life and meeting new people. I also read that the teachers are witty and helpful and the students and staff are welcoming and friendly. The athletic teams are in my interest, I would like to join the dance team, volleyball team and softball team so It can give me daily exercise. I want to contribute to Morgan State University as much as possible because, I just love this university already like I knew it was the right one from the start. I feel like I can be myself, learn a lot, experience new surroundings, and become successful. I will be honored to become a student at your university and make the best of it.

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