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Provide a statement that addresses your reasons & objectives for transferring to cornell.

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Jan 13, 2014   #1
Growing up as a child in a dense environment gave me a clear experience of low standard education.Nigeria is a developing country.The experiences and struggles of an uninformed person are unimaginable. Proper education being the key eases the pains and dries the tears of a struggling individual.As a student,I know those classes I perform better in.I also know the reasons why I do better in some classes than the others.Not all the times do the faults belong to one person.It is shared at times.

York college is a four-year institution with a few courses and a handful of students.It is a young college with not-so-strong roots,it was created some years back.Being a yet growing college ,its experiences are in line with its age.It is inexperienced in certain fields of study and that is not in the best interest of students.Its teaching, management and existing authorities do not compare to those of other prestigious schools.There are well trained teachers in York college but better teachers in Cornell university and having credible teachers is one step towards achieving greatness.

Being in America,has provided me with ample opportunities to access education,which are much acceptable than the ones in Nigeria.I live in a developed country and like is always said the sky is my starting point here.Transferring to Cornell university will make my dreams come true and give me the opportunities to live a fulfilled life.Not only will it provide me with opportunities I seem to lack now,it will aid in achieving those goals,which seem unattainable.It will be a strong support through all my school years in present and in future.One of those future supports will be in my graduate education.Better education makes a better student,a better student makes better results,better results pave the way for a better future and a better future assures a better society.My acceptance into Cornell university will make me an advantage to the society in general.

According to John Watson, environmental factors are of strong influence
on behavior.Learning is a form of behavior. Environmental factors encompass both living and nonliving factors.The environment has a lot of impact on learning and York college does not provide the best environment for learning. There are less competitive students.Staying in such an environment will diminish the zeal to be a unique person.It will put you in the crowd.Not only will you lose focus,you will be far away from ever gaining it back.Being in the mist of competitive students will polish that zeal all the times and make beyond the sky my starting point.

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