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RACISM; Issue of personal, local, national or international concern

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Dec 30, 2012   #1

Discuss some issue of personal, local, national, or international concern and its importance to you.

In the words of Bob Marley; "Until the philosophy which hold one race superior, and another inferior is finally, and permanently discredited, and abandoned, everywhere is war, me say war."

Racism. It has caused countless wars and brutal arguments to erupt. The word that had caused me pain and disbelief in my younger, adolescent age. I was only starting out in middle school when I first encountered how cruel the world could be. Leaving a close-knit elementary school, I believed that everyone out there was genial and compassionate towards others; Thus, I was not prepared for the surprise I received as I walked out of my 1st period class on a humid, September day.

A clueless, petrified girl wandered the halls, almost in tears, pleading in Spanish, to the students around her to help her find her classes. The so called group of 8th graders gave one look at her and laughed right in her face, causing rivers of tears to explode out of her brown eyes. Shocked at their rudeness, I approached her without a second thought and told her in Spanish that I would gladly help, even though I didn't know where I was going myself. Her bright smile vanished as she saw two girls saunter to us to say "this is America. You don't belong here if you can't speak English. Get out of our country" and proceeded to snatch our books and throw them in the trash can. I could feel the anger bubble up my body. I wanted to yell back at them, but I was too afraid of what they could say back; never in my life had I experienced something as cruel and unforgivable as what those two girls said that morning. As the crowd of merciless 8th graders dispersed, I remember the other girl crying that she can't afford to be late to class. Her cries struck me with pain as all I wanted to do was cry as well. I realized that there was no point in crying, and proceeded to dig through the trash to find our books. I told her "Don't worry, I promise I'll get you to class on time", and we began racing down the hall.

After that life-changing moment, all I ever see in the news and around me are fights over being different from one another; why does that all matter to us? All racism has ever caused for me and for the world is pain. There is no need to fight against one another if we are living for the same purpose. People should be proud of their heritage, never ashamed. After my incident, I learned the importance of keeping my religion and culture close as it shows the world who I am. I will never let anyone tell me otherwise, and if I see an act of racism in front of me, I've vowed myself to stop it, as no one should ever have to face the pain of being ashamed by the color of their skin.

Any criticism is fine!! Please help with any revisions, and if it actually answers the question!
HarvardAccept - / 57 24  
Dec 30, 2012   #2
I really like this essay, but I feel like many people are going to write about the exact same thing you did. Facing racism and trying to stop it. You do not really show other personalities about yourself such as your characters. It shows you are courageous and willing to defend others but you should add in the end something like this event has taught me (list of personalities etc...)
OP valeriadavila01 9 / 17 2  
Dec 30, 2012   #3
Thank you so much! I really appreciate all your advice!!
Do you think I should completely change the idea or is there a way I can make it different without a whole different one?
HarvardAccept - / 57 24  
Dec 30, 2012   #4
You can for sure keep this one! Just make sure to add your personalities in the end :)

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