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Requiring students to wear a school uniform is a violation of freedom of choice

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Nov 13, 2010   #1
Should schools require their students to wear a school uniform?
In schools it has been a tradition to have students wear a uniform of some sort. There are several reasons why many, schools require their students to dress according to a certain code, or in a particular uniform. One being the overall neatness and uniformity of the student's apparel. If the school can require a student to wear a particular set of clothes then it makes institution look better as cleanliness and order seems (outwardly) to be maintained. This requiring of a certain dress code, however, is utterly wrong.

The schools' domineering over this part of the student's life is completely out of place, as it violates the student's choice. The student has the right, and hopefully always will, to choose what to wear. This right (freedom of choice) is written out in our bill of rights and the school has no place to thus squelch these rights.

Also while the school may think they are doing themselves a favor by requiring (forcing) their students to abide by a certain dress code, they are deceiving themselves. While the school uniforms may give a nice appearance of order and be pleasing to the eye, it is a mere shell to hide the debris beneath. It By no means changes the children behavior and thus has no effect promoting orderliness.

Finally, these uniforms are costly, and this money comes out of the state's taxpayers' dollars. People want to pay as little as possible in taxes, as all the money given to the government is given at opportunity cost. If all the millions of Public School students nationwide were to have these uniforms purchased, at the expense of the state no doubt tax required from taxpayers would go up.

So, for these reasons: violates freedom of choice, has little positive effect, and costs taxpayer dollars, Schools should not require students to wear school uniforms.

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