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School of Visual Arta - statement of intent

Guinny 2 / -  
Oct 29, 2008   #1
here is my statement of intent for the School of Visual Arts. I was wondering if you could help me correct it or any advises I shoud do before I submit. (It must be in 500 words or less)

"Art is in every single things." my art teacher once said. To support his word he showed me that even walking man, wind blowing, or dog defecating are arts. I was astonished by this fact and have continued to take interest in arts since then. After a while, I have found that art can cause emotions of living beings, especially human, to be happy or sad even to love or to hate. But according to what I have been learning in Buddhism class, nothing in this entire world is immortal. We are going to die one day. Things come and go, art is not an exception. Thus I regret if these arts of life will disappear completely. Fortunately, I have found a way to keep arts in our life longer which is to take pictures of them. The photograph is a brilliant way to share my feeling with people all around. This is the beginning of my interest in photography.

For me, photography is more than just getting a camera and taking pictures of what you have seen. It is an art which can keep arts inside. It is a design which can express my feeling. Besides, I am not good at showing emotions, photography make possible for me to express my feeling. It is, just like music, a language, international language, that people, no matter who, can understand and also partake. Moreover, photography gives me creativities, power to create new things.

I want to pursue undergraduate study in visual arts, majoring in Photography, particularly in the School of Visual Arts, in New York City. What appeals to me about the Photography course offered at SVA is the range of flexibility, with photographic equipment and technology, to suit my interests. I want to experience all forms of photography; for example, fashion, advertising, portraiture, still-life, and photojournalism, and also can critique the photographic arts. In my opinion, all forms of photography have their own significances and gratifications. Because there is still have a line between commercial and fine art photography, so it would be challenging and fun to combine these two sides perfectly together. A photo can be both described as fine art and commercial. All in all, the highest goal of my life is to take the most stunning picture as a professional artist. To describe my definition of stunning pictures, I mean pictures that not only beautiful but also can tell stories. Whatever I have to risk, I want my photographs to be alive. I believe SVA will help me understand the world of photography more obviously, to experiment new techniques and to develop my thinking skills.

Thank you!! :):)

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