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"C-SPAN Legislators" - UT essay "Issue of importance to you"

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Nov 24, 2010   #1
I need help in extending this essay as well as improving its flow

While excitedly watching a Kung Fu movie marathon, I accidentally changed the channel. The title C-SPAN appeared followed by a heated political debate between two legislators. The debate provided me with just as much satisfaction as the marathon, as each politician angrily and pointlessly Karate chopped at every point they made. CHOP! SLICE! SWOOSH! Amongst the ferocious hand motions I caught the words "thermological" and "astrological" us in relation to the climate. . I figured that with such prestigious vocabulary they must have known what they were talking about. Then it occurred to me, one word had to do with the diagnosis of breast cancer, and the other didn't exist at all. Together the Karate Legislators, and their poor choices in vocabulary made me realize that our society's communication skills are approaching a point of no return.

As bad as the C-SPAN Legislators communication skills may be, they aren't the only ones guilty of poor communication. Let us begin with the youth. Teens today are replacing the English language with one that consists of acronyms and smiley faces. I hear my younger sister say things such as "OMG. C U 2morrow. TTYL", and cringe. If the generation next in line to inhabit and govern our nation speaks like this, then the future can only hold confusion and misunderstanding, as there is much difficulty in conversing with them already. Adults are equally guilty. Poor communication in the workplace has become commonplace. Today there seems to be less unity amongst co-workers as well as poor body language. The result, our nation's overall productivity suffers. Clearly poor communication has divided us, and no other event could emphasize this more, than the struggle over proposition 8. During the debate over Proposition 8, there was no communication between those for it, and those opposed. Protest and battles of volumes were all that occurred, and in the end Proposition 8 was passed. Later those who voted for the proposition were surveyed and presented the logical reasoning behind the opposition. They responded positively and the majority said, had they been approached in such a manner before, they would have been opposed as well. It is clear, that although proper communication plays a vital role in problem solving, many have forgotten its value. In a time of tension, war, and proliferation, we must promote good communication within our youth, our selves, and others.

Since Neanderthals began to grunt, communication has played a vital role in human history. With the words we use we can educate, as well as inspire. With the motions we make we comfort, as well as persuade. In our list of countless societal issues, we must place poor communication above them all. How can we expect to solve familial issues, rights issues, and international issues such as war, if we cannot properly communicate with one another? I believe that as we throw out various family values, proper communication should be one we hold on to, as it is prerequisite to any solution.

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