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What two options are the most difficult to choose between? - admission

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Apr 11, 2008   #1
Each person around the world must have been left at least one time in a situation which he does not know which choice is better and how to make a right decision before two opinions. My own life is not a conception.

Author George Elliot once said "the strongest principle of growth lies in human choice", and these words have helped me to overcome many challenges when stand between two ways of an important decision which is very crucial to my whole life.

Choosing my High School was my biggest challenge for a young man with many ambitions. Making wrong decision can lead my life to a wrong road. My parents gave me some pieces of advice about schools for the gifted; however, most of my friends intent to apply for local schools with less effort. And this period left me with stress when I had to give my own decision. Finally, it came as no surprise that I decided to applied for a local school to smooth my life with stableness and less competition. Dealing with such problem was actually difficult, especially to a young man without much experienced but capricious hobbies.

I would be a dishonest man if I said that I have never wished I could turn the clock back to change this decision. However, I am not sure that something better would happen if I had made up my mind in a different way but had put no effort to maintain my high school level scores at a competitive environment in a school for the gifted. And I also realized that all decisions, whether they are suitable/right or not, will give us some valuable lessons. Difficulties come from two opinions may be obstacles on my way to the bright destination and sometimes make us become mature and confident to conquer hardships because learning from our mistakes and taking lessons that teach us in stride will make us better people in the long run.

Two opinions, as two different ways on my life's itinerary, may be difficult to choose, but they are also potential opportunities for us to grow into strong men and ready for the next step in our lives.

Home / Undergraduate / What two options are the most difficult to choose between? - admission
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