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Why USC? Supplement - Environmental Science Major/ Economics Minor

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Jan 6, 2019   #1

Describe how you plan to pursue your academic interests at USC.

Please feel free to address your first- and second-choice major selections. (250-word limit)

Elon Musk's success with Tesla is an example of how corporations are increasingly embedding sustainability into their new business models, promising to deliver financial values while working towards a net-zero emissions economy. By majoring in environmental studies and minoring in economics at USC's Dornsife College, I hope to attain a diversified background to also become an environmentally conscientious business leader.

To achieve my goal, I first need to understand the nature of the problem. Courses such as Environmental Ethics will allow me to systematically analyze problems associated with protection of the environment, while Business and Environmental Sustainability will give me insight on how the broader political-economy is crucial in shaping the interaction between businesses and the environment.

Classwork alone will not be sufficient to develop a complete understanding of this issue. USC's Environmental Studies Program offers a plethora of Field Courses to enhance my understanding through field experience. Opportunities such as Intro Sci-Diver Course and Tropical Coastal Zone Sustainability in the Bahamas affords the perfect marriage between adventure and passion - the ideal combination to nurture my aspirations.

I am also curious about the role of economics in sustainability. Studying economics will not only develop my quantitative analysis skills when evaluating the market but also introduce me to the world of behavioral economics. So that I can fully understand the economic reasoning that motivates businesses.

As a Trojan, I hope to become more astute about sustainability and approach the business industry with a "Think Exponentially" mindset. Ultimately achieving a greener future.
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Jan 7, 2019   #2
Jordan, the way that you will pursue your academic interests at USC should help to establish the platform for your future professional aspirations. Now, while the story about the success of Elon Musk is notable, the explanation is not necessary in this essay. Rather, you should be explaining what your future professional goal is. What change do you want to create as a conscientious business leader? Indicate the kind of business person you hope to become then tie characteristics into the Environmental Studies Program field experience. The "how" of your development into the type of leader you want to be needs to be supported by the programs the university offers. Follow through with the practical experience that you will have in the Bahamas and merge the two experiences to describe a unique way of pursuing your academic interests at the university.

The courses will already explain the problems to you and offer solutions that you can consider for your professional development. There is no need to mention the obvious in this essay. The classwork is not even a major consideration here because the main focus is how you should be able to constantly develop yourself academically, far beyond the classroom and coursework framework. While this essay makes sense, it is a "safe" response to the answer. Try to develop further into the professional aspect of your academic pursuits.

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