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I wish I could live in Alice's Wonderland

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May 2, 2024   #1
Personal Statement for GKS Undergraduate as a International Relations and Diplomacy student

I wish I could live in Alice's Wonderland. When I was about seven years old, I watched a movie featuring a curly-haired girl, who refused to accept her fate and embarked on multiple adventures. This early fascination with Alice's fearless journey through a foreign land, her victories over unimaginable creatures, and her unwavering determination instilled in me the determination to pursue my aspirations.

Since I grew up in an underprivileged home, education has always been a top priority for my family. I constantly sought out the greatest possibilities because we believed that education was the key to thriving socially and personally. As a result, I maintained outstanding grades during elementary school, which allowed me to be accepted into a vocational school. Later, I received admission to a military school.

During my high school years, I discovered my passion for different cultures and people by participating in my first UN simulation. Through that, I gained invaluable insights into global issues and developed the skills necessary to pursue my aspirations in international relations, ultimately aiming to contribute positively to the world. Finding out about this new world, I felt like Alice when she opened that little door that pushed her into Wonderland. Like Alice, I have always been a very empathetic and curious person who is constantly looking to understand how and why things function the way they do. That's why, during the last few years, I worked hard to improve my portfolio by taking online courses after school. These courses allowed me to learn more about Korean culture, language, and English.

Despite my efforts, I almost felt like sacrificing my desire to improve my family's and community's situation, after my mom got fired from her first first job after 20 years. The realization that the world is not a fair place and that there are very few prospects for growth when you don't come from a wealthy background weighed heavily on me. However, my perspective shifted after, despite feeling sad, she was strong enough to recompose herself and chase after her dream of being a children's clothing store owner. Her resilience and determination inspired me to continue pursuing my own passions and dreams, regardless of the challenges I might face.

After my initial experience in a United Nations model simulation during high school, I was captivated by the opportunity to engage with young, hopeful individuals and discuss global issues. Working diligently alongside my peers, we crafted resolutions to address pressing challenges such as security and hunger. These simulations not only honed my oratory and communication skills but also broadened my knowledge of international affairs.

I soon realized that with hard work and the right opportunities, I could turn my dreams into reality. To deepen my understanding of global issues and explore the role of diplomacy and politics, I immersed myself in online courses related to Korean society, diplomacy, and the Korean language. With each lesson, I felt more empowered to make a difference and contribute to positive change. Additionally, I actively participated in free weekly online Korean classes aimed at preparing for the TOPIK exam-an endeavor that paid off when I achieved a Topik I level 2 score.

This journey has reinforced my belief that continuous learning and perseverance can lead to meaningful achievements. I remain committed to contributing positively to the world, just as my mom's resilience inspired me to chase after my aspirations.

My first exposure to Korean culture occurred during the pandemic. This was thanks to the Hallyu wave. K-pop, K-dramas, Korean literature, and language became my companions during those challenging times. As I delved deeper into this vibrant culture, my interest in Korean universities blossomed. I discovered that the Korean educational system was renowned worldwide for its efficiency and serves as a cornerstone for the country's economic and social development. This realization became the driving force to apply for a program in Korea. I picture myself contributing to my own country's growth in the future, inspired by the positive impact Korean education has had on its society.

With this context, I view the Global Korean Scholarship as a gateway. As an international relations student, it offers me the chance to contribute to enhancing access to information and knowledge within my community. Moreover, it aligns with my ultimate aspiration: working for the United Nations (UNO), supporting human rights, creating opportunities, and democratizing knowledge. In retrospect, as I reflect on my journey, I realize that my wish to live in Alice's Wonderland stemmed from a deep-seated belief that every dream seems to be possible. This conviction has been the driving force behind my relentless pursuit of knowledge and my passion for international relations. From my involvement in UN simulations and my immersion in Korean culture during the pandemic, each step has been guided by the belief that dreams, no matter how audacious, are within reach. Just as Alice refused to accept her fate and embarked on adventures beyond her wildest imagination, I, too, have embraced the unknown, fueled by the belief that every dream is a possibility waiting to be realized. In the spirit of Alice, who believed in six impossible things before breakfast, I, too, embrace two convictions: first, that I can make a meaningful impact on the world, and second, that I can secure this scholarship.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,956 4807  
May 4, 2024   #2
do not use a movie reference in the essay. You should most specially avoid referencing a movie when you were 7 years old. The reviewers know that a child of that age cannot decide anything serious about their lives yet. Most specially, the movie cannot influence you to pursue something with vigor. It is simply too early for you to understand the movie beyond just being that, a movie. You tried to impress the reviewer but instead, made him read the rest of your paper in disbelief. The movie reference is not good for your presentation. I would strongly suggest that you remove it as a reference. Start with the current 2nd paragraph instead.

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