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"Write Down Your Key Achievements"- GIST undergraduate admission. If possible, kindly help me out.

Shakerin Aakash 1 / -  
Mar 7, 2021   #1

Participation and experience

Achieving something good is always a pleasant memory. As an enthusiast, I never miss a chance to achieve something to make myself worthy of anything. Whatever I do, I try to be self-centered as it helps me do my best and achieve something great. Whenever I evolved in an activity, I started to learn something new and gained some new skills that changed my personality, made me stronger inside.

I used to work as a Computer Operator for about two years in a Law firm. My job was to process and gather data, contacting with the clients, and giving them information. Every day I had to deal with different types of people. As a result, my communication skill got better. Moreover, I got used to professional life. I became quite good at data-entry, MS Excel, MS Word, etc.

Whenever I get some time, I try to spend some time exploring various fields of technology & science. This habit of exploration led me to gain some practical knowledge using the internet. Nowadays, it is easy to involve in an online course. It is not only helpful for attaining new skills but also time-saving. Every time I enrolled in an online course, the outcome was outstandingly impressive. I was even able to make a game using just 'Scratch.' I even learned the basics of some programming languages like HTML, Java-script, Python, etc. Now I am confident enough to pursue my passion of becoming a Computer Engineer. It saved me wasting my spare time.

When I was in high school, I used to work with the Science Club & the Arts club. That allowed me to explore two different fields, learn something new. While I was a member & volunteer of these clubs, we organized some events like Art competitions, essay contests, Science fairs, etc. My leadership power and the ability to work being part of a team became undeniably good. I also took part in some Olympiad to be practical while learning.

Winning was not everything to me. It was all about learning, obtaining new bits of knowledge. The experiences I gained every time made me become a new person. To me, Participating was the main focus. It was the main achievement.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,535 3447  
Mar 8, 2021   #2
A reviewer will read this presentation and realize that there is nothing special about you. What you consider achievements are actually just "average" and easily accomplished by anybody who is involved in the same type of job, interests, and hobbies. It does not make you stand out as an applicant because there are no notable accomplishments to support these interests. Where are the awards and recognition?" Where are the published papers? Where is the leadership ability that affected a community positively? Where is the potential to be a notable member of the student community? No. This is not the type of response that will help your application advance at the university. These are not truly key achievements because every applicant can claim to have the same accomplishments, which also makes them an average applicant rather than a notable or stand out applicant.

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